David Hogg Takes On New Enemy, Announces His Next Target For Boycott

There is no doubt that “little Hitler” David Hogg is deranged in his obsession to infringe upon the Second Amendment and silence his critics. Every time his feelings get hurt, Hogg wants to boycott something, but his latest target is insane even for him.

David Hogg (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

David Hogg is taking on big, bad chocolate chip muffins and the store that sells them. Popular Florida supermarket Publix is in Hogg’s crosshairs because it is backing a Republican candidate for governor.

Hogg retweeted a tweet that said that the candidate, Adam Putnam, is an “NRA sellout” and called for a boycott of Publix. Hogg wrote, “Guess I’ll be getting my chocolate chip muffins elsewhere from now on. Common @Publix.” We assume he meant “come on Publix,” but as Hogg has left school to pursue a life of full-time activism, spelling correctly is not high on his list of priorities.

According to The Tampa Bay Times, “supermarket giant Publix has given more money to Adam Putnam’s gubernatorial bid than any other candidate since at least 1995 and likely for the entirety of the company’s history.”

The leaders of the supermarket have given Putnam $670,000 in the past three years, and no other candidate has ever gotten anywhere near that type of support from the store. “Its most recent contribution, a $100,000 donation on April 30, was the largest, too, according to the latest campaign finance filings,” the report said.

Both Publix and Putnam hail from Polk County which, the company said, was a factor in its decision to support him as heavily as it is. “As the hometown candidate, Publix has had a long-standing relationship with Commissioner Putnam,” Brian West, a spokesman for the company said. “We support pro-business candidates, and believe Commissioner Putnam will make a great governor.”

Publix has supported Putnam ever since his first run for office, a successful campaign for the House when he was 22-years old. “The more recent contributions came as Putnam oversaw regulation of the company’s 785 stores. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services that Putnam leads conducts health safety inspections at grocery stores. It also handles consumer complaints directed at food businesses, including supermarket,” The Times said.

But that is not what got Hogg’s goat. Hogg despises all Republicans, but he especially has a deep seeded anger towards any politician who stands with the National Rifle Association. And that brings the story back to remarks that Putnam made last July.

It started when Tampa Bay Times columnist Daniel Ruth wrote an opinion piece titled “Adam Putnam sells out to the NRA,” in which he bashed the Florida Agriculture Commissioner for supporting the gun rights group. But Putnam was not angry about being called an “NRA sellout.” He wore it as a badge of honor.

“The liberal media recently called me a sellout to the NRA. I’m a proud #NRASellout! Sign below if you are, too,” he wrote on Twitter with a link to get updates from his campaign.

“What a surprise. The liberal media is attacking a conservative again,” Putnam wrote on his website. “The Tampa Bay Times recently called me a sellout to the NRA. As someone who believes the Second Amendment is an inalienable right, I’ll wear that comment like a badge of honor. I’m a proud NRA Sellout.”

Now, David Hogg wants Publix to stop endorsing Adam Putnam and is, again, pushing for one of his famous boycotts, but it is unlikely that the store is concerned. After the teenager called for a boycott of Fox News host Laura Ingraham, her ratings soared.

NRA membership has been skyrocketing, and Hogg’s boycotts of FedEx, Vanguard, and Black Rock had no impact. As Hogg desperately attempts to hang on to the last fragments of his 15-minutes of fame, he will likely call for more boycotts and search for more high profile enemies to increase his exposure.

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