As David Hogg Hides, 2nd Amendment Supporter Kyle Kashuv Leads New Initiative

David Hogg isn’t the only Parkland shooting survivor making the news. As Hogg tramples on our Constitutional rights, fellow classmate Kyle Kashuv is standing up for them. Hogg continues to hide behind a liberal banner. But Kashuv is putting his money where his mouth is to really reach his generation.

David Hogg seems to be unwilling to go toe-to-toe with 2nd Amendment supporter Kyle Kashuv. (Photo Credit: Barry Stock/Flickr, Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

In the aftermath of the terrible Parkland school shooting, the liberal media went into overdrive. They used the terrible tragedy to push for more gun control. They never stopped to mourn the loss of life. Even today, they don’t put the blame where it belongs: on the killer. Instead, they used dead kids as props for their toxic politics.

What’s even worse was how several students from the school jumped on the bandwagon. An experience like that is traumatizing. Those kids should have gotten therapy and worked through their fear and pain. Not if CNN had anything to say about it! It was too important to get David Hogg on TV, whining about gun control and “assault rifles.”

The media claims a kid like David Hogg is some kind of hero when he enjoys props from liberals and the media. Yes, heroes always spend their time in fancy green rooms, getting paraded around by left-wing celebrities.

Meanwhile, fellow student Kyle Kashuv stood up for his Second Amendment rights and was persecuted for it. He was called out by his own principal and treated like a criminal. A grade-A student, who went to a gun range with his dad, was branded as a thug. He didn’t get special treatment like Hogg and all the other students who were cashing in on their tragedy.

But Kyle, who ended school at the top of his class, hasn’t given up. In fact, he’s using his influence to reach his fellow classmates. Instead of bullying America, he’s inspiring millions of students.

David Hogg who?


While David sits on Twitter insisting they will win and that guns are bad, m’kay, Kyle Kashuv has kicked his activism into OVERDRIVE by pushing and supporting other young people to get involved and INFORMED on what is really going on in this country. Kyle is seriously kryptonite for the Resistance, who seems to think they own our young people and can use them to push an uninformed narrative.

For example, Kyle is working on this …

Ruh-roh, Lefties.

Kyle has figured out that high school kids aren’t necessarily programmed to be liberal and that there is a place for other points of view (reality) with these young people. [Source: Twitchy]

In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with the Parkland students speaking their views. But it’s hard to separate the shameless self-promotion we are seeing from people like David Hogg. He uses a tragedy to pop up on TV—pushing an anti-American, unconstitutional agenda. Then he lectures and scolds the rest of America for not agreeing.

Not to mention protesting at an employee-owned company like Publix.

Kashuv, on the other hand, is seeking to educate and inspire his generation. He’s not interested in denying anyone their rights. Instead, he wants more people his age to realize how important it is to embrace our Constitutional rights. Those include our right to bear arms.

What’s interesting is how David Hogg refuses to acknowledge the impact Kashuv has had. While Hogg and his buddies march and appear at rallies, they are blind to the positive impact their classmates are having.

He even refuses to discuss the important issue of gun rights with Kashuv.

Kyle has invited Hogg to debate several times, and as far as we know, he’s never accepted.

Although we’d pay good money to see THAT.

C’mon David, do it for the children! [Source: Twitchy]

You’d think Hogg would have nothing to fear if he really is in the right. But these days, leftists refuse to have fair and open discussions with conservatives. They write us off as “bigots” or “Nazis” as some kind of excuse. But the real reason is they know they’ll be schooled by conservatives. We have the facts on our side. We also have the Constitution and Bill of Rights on their side. Liberals have Saul Alinsky and Communism on their side. Not a winning combo.

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