David Hogg Ruins The Career Of Another Prominent Conservative After One Tweet

David Hogg is a disease. After unsuccessfully trying to cost Fox News host Laura Ingraham her job, the Hogg virus has laid waste to the career of conservative radio host Jamie Allman who’s only “crime” was an “offensive” post on social media.

David Hogg (Photo Credit: Screenshot), Jamie Allman (Photo Credit: Screenshot.)

The controversy started for Jamie Allman on March 26 when he tweeted a statement about the 17-year-old Parkland school shooting survivor. “When we kick their ass they all like to claim we’re drunk. I’ve been hanging out getting ready to ram a hot poker up David Hogg’s ass tomorrow. Busing working. Preparing,” Allman said.

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Some people would say that this is wholly inappropriate to say about a teenage kid. Are they right? These kids want to play in the adult world and be able to vote and decide gun policy, but they cry foul when they are treated like adults, wanting special protection because of their age. They want their cake and eat it too.

They are using their platform to push changes that will strip Americans of their rights, and they are making these statements sans the benefit of having any real knowledge of what they are talking about. They are speaking from emotions as could be expected after being near a mass shooting.

But we don’t only get defensive, we get angry. We get angry because Hogg and his friends saunter onto television with the smug, know-it-all attitude that only a 17-year-old can have, and they talk to us like they have all the answers. They are cocky, arrogant, and infuriating, and they cause us to fall into their trap. And when we do, they are too happy to jump on those mistakes and go on the attack.

And now, because of his tweet, Jamie Allman finds himself out of his job at St. Louis based, Sinclair-owned KDNL as a nighttime news host, and his job as an FM morning show host. The station announced that it had accepted his resignation.

“We have accepted Mr. Allman’s resignation, and his show has been canceled,” Ronn Torossian, a spokesman for Sinclair, told The Washington Post in a statement. But the news industry is about entertainment, and entertainment is about making money. That is why the same tactic that was used against Ingraham was used against Allman. The advertiser pressure campaign.

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“Advertisers, including Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, St. Louis health center Palm Health, and local real estate office the Gellman Team, announced they would stop advertising on Allman’s shows, spurred on by activists who took to social media to highlight the commentator’s remarks, as well as Democratic state lawmaker Stacey Newman and others,” The Post wrote.

In a tweet, the Gellman Team confirmed that it had ended its relationship with the show. “We have immediately suspended all spending related to Jaime Allman indefinitely. We will not be deploying those dollars back into the station. We want to make a clear point, that this behavior is unacceptable,” it wrote on Friday.

Jamie Allman has gone after David Hogg on more than one occasion recently. After Hogg complained about the transparent backpacks that students are now forced to use at his school, Allman called him a big complainer. “He says you shouldn’t have the right to have a certain kind of gun but I should have the right to have any kind of backpack I want,” he said. “Trying to nail this down. Very confusing. But these are confusing times.”

Jamie Allman is correct, as was Laura Ingraham. David Hogg is a whiney crybaby. A kid who, when he does not get what he wants, calls you names, takes his toys, and kicks you out of his playpen.

Is this the America that we live in now? Where one tweet, one word said in a moment of anger, can destroy what you have worked for your entire life? Is that what these kids, and in fact the entire Democrat Party, want to see happen to free speech?

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Do they want an America where people live in fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person, and so they choose to say nothing? It makes them feel like winners now, but if this is what America has come to then we are all losers.