David Hogg Got Some Terrible News, But That Was Just The Start Of His Bad Day

Monday was a really bad day for David Hogg, the teenage face of the movement for gun control. It started early for him and his equally whiney sister, but it only got worse from there. You’re gonna love this.

Laura Ingraham and David Hogg (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

It was last week that Hogg called for advertisers to boycott Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show because she accused him of whining about not getting into the colleges of his choice. Ingraham gave an undeserved apology to Hogg, but he rejected that gesture and insisted that she denounce Fox News. It was apparent at that point that what he wanted was to get her fired and destroy her career.

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On Monday, he found out that not only was Ingraham not getting fired but that despite many advertisers caving into his bullying tactics, Fox News was not going to be pushed around by a 17-year-old kid with a chip on his shoulder. Jack Abernethy, co-president of Fox News, told Los Angeles Times that he and his network would not be cowed by the Parkland punk’s threats.

“We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts,” Abernethy told The Times. “We look forward to having Laura Ingraham back hosting her program next Monday when she returns from spring vacation with her children.”

And like any bully who just had their bluff called, Hogg has apparently given up the fight, as he did not mention Ingraham in any of his tweets after the announcement. Instead, he and his gun grabbing buddies turned their attention to the fact that their high school is forcing them to wear clear backpacks as a security measure since the deadly shooting that killed 17 people.

Hogg retweeted a tweet from his sister who somehow found a way to take a shot at the National Rifle Association because of the backpacks. Considering the fact that she comes from a family of Democrats, it is not all that surprising.

“My new backpack is almost as transparent as the NRA’s agenda,” Lauren Hogg tweeted. “I feel sooo safe now. As much as I appreciate the effort we as a country need to focus on the real issue instead of turning our schools into prisons.”

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“Thousands of clear backpacks and lanyards were distributed today at douglas. They’re just an illusion of security,” fellow student Kyra Parrow added. An illusion of security? Do you mean like banning AR 15s? Do you mean like gun-free zones?

“Starting off the last quarter of senior year right, with a good ol’ violation of privacy!” Delaney Tarr wrote. Hmm. I’m not really sure why your pencils and textbooks need to be kept private.

It is astounding that these kids either do not see the irony in the fact that they are concerned about their right to privacy while they want to trample on other people’s right to bear arms, or they are simply selfish kids who don’t care.

They don’t believe that clear backpacks and checkpoints make them safer, but they do believe that stripping hundreds of millions of people of their Constitutional rights will. And this is why we don’t allow children to make policy.

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Despite their complaints and protests, they were forced to wear the backpacks. Much in the same way that their complaining didn’t get Laura Ingraham fired. It was a tough day for Hogg & company. It’s going to be a long transition into adulthood.