Hogg Screams, ‘You Don’t Give A Sh*t About TX Shooting,’ Patriots Make Him Cry

There is horrific news coming out of Sante Fe, Texas, as another school shooting rocks Americans. While most people were somberly awaiting the details, anti-gun narcissist David Hogg immediately believed this shooting is all about him. Screaming at all gun owners and politicians, Hogg exclaimed, “You don’t give a sh*t” about the Texas shooting. This pissed off patriots, who then smacked “little Hitler” Hogg so hard, they made him cry like a baby.

David Hogg (left & right) (Photo Credit:  Rolando Otero/Sun Sentinel/TNS via Getty Images, Alyson Kelly/Twitter)

Crime happens every day in America, and sadly, school shootings are a major news story every time. Granted, they should be. It’s a horrific situation, which no doubt is seen as attractive to sick individuals doing copycat crimes they see on TV.

Since the Columbine High School shooting, sociopaths have adopted the school shooting as a way to perpetuate horror and murder in the world. The radical anti-gun lobby also plays the school shooting to their advantage.

While we would never say the rabid anti-gun lobby love when a school shooting happens, there are those, like David Hogg, who come brazenly close to that line. Take, for example, just moments after the Sante Fe, Texas, shooting occurred, when “little Hitler” Hogg jumped on social media, pleading “look at me, it’s all about me.”

Twitchy reports, “Admit it. The moment you heard about the tragic shooting at a High School in Santa Fe you knew David Hogg would be front and center trying to make the shooting about himself and his so-called movement to end gun violence aka disarm Americans. And you knew he’d do his best to make it about himself.”

Expressing his very first thoughts after the shooting, Hogg immediately tweeted out, “We are fighting for you.” This was done in haste for sure as there is no hashtag, no reference to the subject matter. All you need to know is David’s fighting for you, America. 

Twitchy adds, “#LookAtMe, Yeah, we get what David is trying to do here and considering his 15 minutes of fame were running out …He’s not fighting for this editor and any other legal gun owner in this country, but we digress.”

Of course, the attention seeking Hogg saw his opportunity to try to breathe life back into his dwindling limelight. He wasn’t through with his center stage performance, not even close.

He was back in the saddle, feeling giddy about the possible call coming from CNN. So, who does he attack next? Well, he makes it a win-win by bashing the media and politicians, hoping CNN will feel some guilt and get him back on primetime, where he thinks he belongs.

Get ready for two weeks of media coverage of politicians acting like they give a shit when in reality they just want to boost their approval ratings before midterms,” tweeted the 18-year-old leftist.

“Get ready for two weeks of Hogg and his gun-grabbing cohorts threatening companies who refuse to stop selling firearms and pretending he actually cares about making a change in this country by tweeting about it. Constantly,” retorted Twitchy‘s editor.

Patriots felt a disturbance in the force as Hogg-wash doubled down on his leftist propaganda and rhetoric. Just when Hoggmania was fading, like a bad penny, he’s back. Gun owners rallied to shut him down.

“Robert L” let’s little Hitler have it, tweeting, “If you were telling the truth, you’d be willing to look at all avenues that would stop these senseless shootings. Not just destroying the NRA. Your political views are more important to you than the lives of these victims.”

This is so true, Hogg does nothing to actually help stop gun violence. He’s addicted to the sound of his own voice while his fellow classmate, Kyle Kashuv, has actually worked with legislators to push bills that address violence in schools in a responsible way.

“MAGASaltRifle” made Hogg-wash cry by reminding him of his “real claim to fame,” riding his bike as fast as he could to school, with his trusty camera, only after he heard a shooting had happened. He tweeted, “Too bad Texas is too far away for you to pedal your bike over there and start your talking points over the dead bodies. What makes your exploitation better?”

Christy Waters followed that up, tweeting, “Get ready for hacktastic activists who want more face time to blame law-abiding gun owners instead of the shooter.”

People were actually calling Hogg out and reminding him that we all know his real motives. It made him cry like a baby, and we can confirm that. You see, “little Hitler” has Twitter employees wrapped around his little anti-gun finger. When Hogg cries to them, they immediately start shutting accounts down, or at the very least “suspending” them for a period of time.

Hogg was so shaken by the pro-Second Amendment responses he was getting today, he whined like a two-year-0ld to the Twitter police, who started deleting anything anti-Hogg. And, you know what? We love it! We don’t love the censorship, but we are winning this war against the rabid anti-gun lobbyists.

Hogg thinks he can play in the big boy arena, trying to take away our Constitutional rights, but he’s finding out the hard way, we patriots aren’t playing. The answer to school violence is not gun confiscation, and anyone who tells you different is not on the side of truth.

Lastly, if David “little Hitler” Hogg thinks Texans are going to whine like babies, begging for their guns to be confiscated, he’s stupider than we thought. You don’t mess with Texas, as most Americans know, and you don’t mess with a Texan’s right to bear arms. Hoggmania’s revival isn’t happening, let him cry as much as he wants.

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