David Hogg Bashes Women & 2nd Amendment, Doesn’t End Well For Him

Anti-gun advocate David Hogg returned to the limelight to bash women and our gun rights. In just a few words, he proved that he knows nothing about our government and basic laws. However, pro-gun Americans were on hand to give him a few lessons. Perhaps he should go back to school.

David Hogg is still attacking our rights. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Janice Marie Foote/Flickr)

David Hogg is a true leftist. He uses his assumed status as a “victim” to push a political agenda. As a survivor of the Parkland school shooting, Hogg has appeared on TV and at events to push for gun control. Instead of mourning the loss of his classmates and focusing on prosecuting the real culprit, Hogg used this tragedy to get famous and attempt to ruin our country.

Like most Second Amendment enemies, he knows very little about guns. Most gun control advocates can’t tell you the difference between a semi-automatic weapon and a fully-automatic weapon. It’s a pretty important difference. They’ll claim they want to ban “assault rifles,” but they can’t tell you what an assault rifle is. (Spoiler: assault rifle is not an accurate term for any kind of gun). Despite his shocking ignorance, Hogg and many others continue to lecture us about our own rights.

Even though plenty of time has passed since the Parkland tragedy, Hogg still wants to milk his 15 minutes of fame. You’d think he would have learned by now. After all of his virtue signaling, Americans have only increased their interest in firearms. Membership in the NRA has skyrocketed. Background checks for firearms purchases over the last few months have quadrupled. More Americans are getting interested in owning and safely operating firearms.

Good job Hogg. You’re the best thing to happen to the Second Amendment since Great Britain!

Instead of sulking back into private life, Hogg continues to push his agenda. This weekend, he decided to prove to the world that he knows very little about our government and how it works.

Ouch, such a scathing rebuke of our government system. There are a few problems with his comment, though. Campaign contributions are strictly limited and monitored in our country. They are far from bribes. In fact, only corrupt politicians go to great lengths to receive and hide bribes. Like someone who creates a fraudulent charity to take millions from foreign countries while they serve in the State Department. And they called it the Clinton Foundation.

Hogg also kind of trampled on his own meal ticket when he said this. After all, this high school graduate has been bankrolled by liberal special interests since he appeared on national television.

I guess Hogg didn’t realize the con artists progressive groups he works with do that very thing to sway politics. It’s not the best system in the world, but if you’re benefiting from it, you shouldn’t bash it.

Another user explained in greater detail how stupid Hogg was:

After all, one of the left’s favorite groups—Planned Parenthood—does the very thing Hogg complained about. Planned Parenthood spends millions of dollars during elections to make sure left-wing candidates enter office. Those are the same candidates who will vote to give PP billions of your tax dollars.

I’m sure Hogg doesn’t mind that, does he?

His response to JaVonni Brustow’s tweet though was just priceless. It shows us how young and uneducated the boy really is.

Really? Gosh, I forgot that part of the Bill of Rights… where it mentions guns have any rights at all. What the heck is Hogg talking about? Every American enjoys the same rights, as laid out in our Constitution. In fact, we have Civil Rights laws that punish people who try to deny equal rights to people because of their race, sexuality, or gender. Women, in fact, can sue or prosecute anyone who tries to deny them the same rights as men.

Guns don’t really have that option. In fact, guns are objects. They are literal property. They have zero rights under the law.

Patriots weren’t about to let Hogg get away with his dumb statement.

Hogg—like so many other immature liberals—was expecting a chorus of cheers from his fans. He didn’t expect any intelligent people to react to his idiotic claim.

The truth is, liberals try to push this nonsense all the time. Because our government doesn’t provide free birth control to women (even though, through PP and other avenues, it does), they claim women’s rights are being suppressed. Apparently, unless the government gives you everything you demand—free of charge—your rights are being denied, according to Bernie Sanders-loving Millennials who never worked a day in their lives.

These are the same Millennials who will put on black masks and beat up elderly people for wearing MAGA hats. Their views on “rights” are a little skewed.

Perhaps now, finally, Hogg will wise up and learn a little. Maybe he’ll get a clue from the many Americans who schooled him on Twitter. Hmm, maybe not.

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