De Blasio’s Wife Nixes Statue Of American Saint For Drag Queens, Regrets It

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife has rejected the results of a public vote calling for a statue of Mother Cabrini, a popular Catholic saint who emigrated to America and became a naturalized citizen. Instead, she opted to honor other “women,” including two drag queens, ignoring the results of the vote. Well, immediately de Blasio’s wife and her leftist cohorts were made to regret it. You’ll love this.

Mother Cabrini comforts orphan girl from the biographical movie on Frances Xavier Cabrini. (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Mother Cabrini is a beloved figure in New York. The Italian-American saint was born Frances Xavier Cabrini, the youngest of thirteen siblings who felt a call to serve the Catholic Church at an early age. The Pope told Frances to go “not to the East, but to the West” to New York rather than to China as she had expected. She was to help the thousands of Italian immigrants already in New York City.

Mother Cabrini founded orphanages and schools for the poor of New York. So, when Chirlane McCray, the mayor’s wife, launched a “She Built NYC” program and invited the public to vote on the names of women they want the city to recognize with a statue. Mother Cabrini got more votes than any other woman (219), yet McCray’s panel rejected the public’s choice.

Without explanation, McCray decided on a group of people that were nowhere near the top choices picked by New Yorkers, including the two drag queens who founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR).

The “She Built NYC” project began last summer as an attempt by McCray to balance the male-female mix of statues of eminent New Yorkers. When McCray asked for the public’s input, she received an avalanche of more than 1,800 suggestions, with some 320 women nominated.

McCray and former Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen basically ignored the results of the public consultation and chose the seven women they wanted to honor, none of whom was among the top seven women picked in the poll.

Instead, they selected abortion rights activist Dr. Helen Rodriguez Trías and drag queens Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, among others, making clear what their criteria were.

The reaction from New Yorkers has been predictably swift and fierce.

“Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini, who received more nominations from New Yorkers than any other woman during the process, has been completely ignored,” Councilman Justin Brannan wrote to McCray’s office on Monday.

“My simple question is this: why open this for a public vote and then ignore the results?” he asked.

The faithful of Saint Frances Cabrini church in Bensonhurst were “very disappointed” after learning she would not figure among the seven women chosen, said Father Guy Sbordone, pastor of the parish.

“People were a little taken aback, and rightfully so,” he said. “They’re thinking about their vote and what it meant and why it isn’t being honored.”

“Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini — America’s first saint and the patroness of immigrants — was herself an Italian immigrant who became a naturalized citizen. And arguably she did more than any other woman of her day to help the immigrant community in the United States,” Breitbart reports.

“So essentially, these woke Democrats who love to invoke America’s immigrant heritage have snubbed a central figure who helped make that immigrant heritage a success by creating schools, hospitals, and orphanages to care for the new arrivals,” Breitbart added.

Americans across the country are livid after learning these sickos rejected this Godly woman in favor of drag queens. 

Hey @BilldeBlasio You and your wife should be ashamed to have prevented a statue of #MotherCabrini from being erected. She is popular and deserving but doesn’t fit your Communist and racist agenda! You are not worthy of shining her shoes!” tweeted Matthew J. Mari.

“No surprise here. Recognizing the real virtue of Mother Cabrini amounts to tacit recognition of the Christian virtues of love, tolerance and forgiveness. We live in an increasingly Orwellian world. Up is down,” tweeted Dick Johnson.

Sad reflection on NYC leaders guess MotherCabrini doesn’t fit narrative. Many friends went to Cabrini H.S. To see pics of how immigrants n NYC Lived n squalor but thanks to Ppl like MotherCabrini pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, Sad Commentary #MAGA,” tweeted Clare Quinn.

Why do these leftwing activist take a vote in the first place? 

They already have a set agenda and seemed to have the drag queens in mind to be the face of “She Built NYC,” which again is quite ironic since drag queens are not women.

Mother Cabrini was a trailblazing woman who founded orphanages and schools in New York despite the many hardships she had to overcome from the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Now, she is being set aside by these women who say they are for strong women. This leftist agenda has nothing to do with women or immigrants, and everything to do with corrupting this country and culture to gain power.

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