De Niro Teams With Hogg To Brainwash Our Kids, Fed-Up Americans Shut Them Down

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Just when you thought David Hogg and his anti-gun propaganda campaign were fading, Robert De Niro shows up and drags him back into the spotlight. The aging actor is obsessed with trashing President Donald Trump, and he decided that David Hogg is what America needs. Well, the delusional duo came up with a plan to brainwash our kids, but fed-up Americans shut them down.

David Hogg (left) and Robert De Niro (right) (Photo Credit: Noam Galai/WireImage, Steven Ferdman/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Robert De Niro thinks David Hogg and his handlers are on the right track. To help out the April 20th school walk-out Hogg has planned, the Raging Bull actor wrote “permission slips” for all kids who think their parents would be against them doing the walk-out.

We can’t make up this crap. Yes, De Niro has now decided that he is the only parent American kids need. He knows better than their own parents. De Niro thinks that kids whose parents support Trump are deranged.

Of course, CNN loves this idea. They created Hoggmania. So CNN was ecstatic about De Niro’s plan for Hogg’s 4/20 walkout, reporting, “It’s always a touchy subject when schools and protests mix, but the students and staff participating [in 4/20 walkout] have the support of one of America’s biggest stars.”

They add, “Actor Robert DeNiro penned an ‘excuse letter,’ like the one parents would sign for a teacher.” De Niro writes in his universal permission slip, ‘I know we share the same interest for our children – a safe nurturing environment for their education and growth. I have four children and four grandchildren in school now. I would never make a frivolous request for them to miss classes.”‘

He goes on to call gun violence a “devastating disease” and describes the walkout as “an opportunity to teach these kids history by encouraging them to make history.” He concludes, “This is what good citizenship is all about. Making things better.”

But that’s not all. De Niro is currently at the Tribeca Film Festival which is a De Niro creation, and he is dedicating it to his anti-Trump obsession. According to the aging actor, the final movie they will show is called The Fourth Estate, a documentary about The New York Times. He says, “It’s important to highlight Trump’s tense relationship with the press in this year’s lineup.”

De Niro goes on, “The Fourth Estate is an obvious one and a necessary film to see. … It’s about The New York Times and following the various reporters around and what they’re dealing with on a daily basis. It’s just important to watch that, to see how they deal with the truth, and how the truth is distorted, and to see how they’re just trying to keep things in balance.”

Wow, you’d think De Niro was back in 1973 before the press and big media merged and became an arm of the Democratic liberal agenda. We no longer enjoy a free press. We have pundits who call themselves journalists. This is exactly why we saw the rise of citizens journalists, who knew that CBS, NBC, ABC and the major newspapers no longer were unbiased.

So along with using his film festival to bash Trump, we have De Niro using the leftist tactic of targeting our youth with his “permission slip.” Kids who don’t know any better will then question their parents who don’t want them to “walk-out” of school, thanks to De Niro. Kind of reminds us of the Hitler Youth, which was mandatory and many German parents who hated Hitler and knew he was evil couldn’t do a thing. Their sons and daughters were indoctrinated.

Americans are sick of De Niro and Hogg’s Hitlerian tactics. “Imagine being Robert DeNiro, who is only tough in scripted movies and a whiny liberal off screen. We need more Clint Eastwood’s and @RealJamesWoods instead of soy filled men leading the world. MAGA,” tweeted “PinkAboutIt.”

Twitter user “RayneNGrace” tweeted, “He is making himself look as bad as Michael Moore and Rosie, Kathy Griffin, Alyssa Milano. TDS [Trump Derangement Syndrome] has them so consumed with hate it is manifesting into mental illness. IMO.”

Bogey Golfer tweets, “What planet is DeNiro living on. The media has done NOTHING but resist the POTUS. Every day you can tune in any one of the liberal run news channels, and witness the type of coverage (lack of it) media activists focus on. It is so blatant, and so progressive. Open your eyes!”

Sherri T. tweeted, “Hogg is telling people to walk out from wherever they, job, wherever…he doesn’t seem to understand people work for a living and walking out could result in job loss…Thank God for @KyleKashuv, he is one smart young man!”

Robert De Niro and David Hogg, now there’s a team of leftist losers any patriotic American should steer clear from. The audacity of De Niro writing a “permission slip” for underage kids blows my mind. If President Donald Trump did such a thing, the press would call him out as Hitler, and rightly so. Americans don’t care what Robert De Niro or David Hogg think, we just wish they’d go away and stop pumping their leftist propaganda on our youth.

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