De Niro Says Trump Is Our ‘Worst Nightmare’ & Will Be Gone Soon, Gets Destroyed

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Robert De Niro appeared on CNN to discuss his nemesis, President Donald Trump. The 75-year-old actor said the Trump presidency is America’s “worst nightmare.” He added that he would “live to see the time when this will all pass,” predicting the president will soon be gone. Well, poor Bobby got destroyed by Americans who are sick and tired of his shenanigans. Don’t miss this. 

President Donald Trump (left) Robert De Niro (right) (Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

Robert De Niro is once again trashing President Donald Trump, and it appears his Trump Derangement Syndrome has only gotten worse. Poor Bobby is so consumed with his hatred of Trump, he even speaks to his personal trainer about it. It’s almost like a therapist. 

That’s what De Niro told CNN, and he was having a hard time articulating his disdain for Trump. His thoughts were all disjointed. What was clear is that he sees Trump as one of the worst nightmares of his life, and soon he believes he will wake up from that nightmare and Trump will be gone. 

“I mean, I never thought in my lifetime, and I’ve seen a lot in my lifetime, I never thought… I was working out with my trainer the other day and I’m… we’ve seen horrible things over the years,” Robert De Niro told CNN Monday.

“But this is one of the worst [Trump’s presidency] that I have ever seen and that I ever, as I say, ever thought I would see. But it’s real,” added the Oscar winner. 

De Niro also said, “I just, you know, I know what kind of person [Trump] is. He’s a New Yorker who I never would want to meet. Never want to meet him, and now he’s president, and the reason I wouldn’t want to meet him is because of the kind of person he is.”

Then, the Goodfellas star told CNN about his nightmares. “As we all know now, there’s nothing new. It’s just… it’s disgraceful. But, we’ll get past it. It’ll be one of the thing, it’ll be like a nightmare that you remember. I’ll be with my trainer, we’ll be five years from now and say ‘Remember all that stuff, how terrible it was?’ At least I… lived to see the time when this will all pass, like any nightmare,” said De Niro. 

Robert De Niro’s entire life has become consumed with his hatred of President Donald Trump. Or should we say, his perceived hatred? Are the Hollywood crowd and the rabid leftists who claim to hate the president brainwashed by the mainstream media?

It appears so. President Trump has brought this country out of economic hardships. He has restored America’s standing around the world. His accomplishments have made America a resounding better place, yet De Niro and his cohorts believe he is a monster. A nightmare who should be obliterated.

And those Americans who support Trump can’t fully understand why they hate him so much.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen, who was a huge star in the 1950s and won two Emmy Awards for “Most Outstanding Television Personality,” has a famous saying that now can be applied to President Trump. 

There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate President Donald Trump, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive President Trump to be.

In Sheen’s original quote he was, of course, talking about the Catholic Church. Thanks to the mainstream media who have vilified the president, when we add Donald Trump’s name to Sheen’s famous saying, it now takes on new meaning. 

When President Trump calls out the mainstream media as “fake,” he is only defending himself. Not only are they fake but they have brainwashed so many Americans to see the president as Adolf Hitler.

But those like Bobby De Niro should know better. He isn’t off the hook for the lies and hatred he blasts to the world about President Trump. There will be a reckoning. When the history books are written, Trump will go down alongside Ronald Reagan, and he may even be compared to Abraham Lincoln. And Robert De Niro? He certainly won’t be in any history books. What he says about President Trump won’t be remembered at all. 

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