4 Hours Before His Death, Billy Graham Made 1 Final Post That Has Left America Stunned

The nation is mourning after hearing that Reverend Billy Graham has passed away. However, it seems that he made one final social media post just 4 hours before his death — and what it says has left people downright stunned.

4 Hours Before His Death, Billy Graham Made 1 Final Post That Has Left America Stunned
Billy Graham (left), his post (inset), a stock image of a Bible (right) (Photo Credit: The Washington Post via Getty Images, Facebook, Pexels)

This country seems to be spiraling out of control these days, and to some, it’s clear why. America is abandoning the very ideals that once made us so great in the first place. Although America used to be the land of opportunity, liberalism has shifted the focus to helping freeloaders and those too lazy to make something of themselves.

In turn, we’ve seen parenting methods become lax, resulting in perhaps the most ungrateful and entitled generation this world has ever seen. However, the worst thing we have done as a society is lost sight of God. As a result, we’re seeing a rise in horrendous behavior, previously unheard of, such as the legal slaughter of our own children through abortion and the endorsement of what was previously considered to be morally impure.

These days, society is more than accepting of sin, but not everyone is willing to just lie down as the left tries to send us to hell in a handbasket. Perhaps the most notable of those speaking out about the disturbing behavior seen these days was Billy Graham. Officially preaching since 1943, the famed televangelist had been turning people toward Jesus Christ for well over a half-century.

Unfortunately, news of Graham’s death is now sweeping social media after he passed away at the ripe old age of 99. Although most of us will be lucky if we hit that number, many people are saying we’ve lost him too soon, considering all the good that he’s done in his life. Of course, his memory will live on forever, but it seems that the man left the world one final gift before his passing, as IJ Review points out.

Come to find out, Graham had actually shared one final post to social media just four hours before his death. A brief two paragraphs in its entirety, the man’s final words posted on Facebook should be seen by all Americans.

“If you went for a walk in the woods, but then decided to wander off the path, and found yourself surrounded by a thicket of thorns and poison ivy, who would you blame?” Graham began. “Would you blame the person who built the path? No, of course not. Instead, you’d blame yourself if you were honest, because you alone were responsible for wandering from the path.”

He continued, “In a far deeper way, this is what happens when we decide to leave God out of our lives. For a time, it may seem like wandering away from Him doesn’t make any difference; it may even seem easier and freer. But eventually, it catches up with us — just as wandering off that path and into the thicket caught up with you.”

"If you went for a walk in the woods, but then decided to wander off the path, and found yourself surrounded by a…

Posted by Billy Graham on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In the end, Billy Graham’s last message to the world was short and sweet: “Turn back to God.” Surely, he didn’t know that these would be his last words to the public, but could they be any more perfect? Billy Graham undoubtedly knew where he was headed after death and likely was more than comfortable with the idea.

However, in his final moments, this soldier of Christ didn’t turn his back on his fellow man to selfishly enjoy what little time he had left. Instead, he decided that his time would be best spent trying to get as many people into heaven that he possibly could. If ever there was a testament to what God wants of us, this is it.

We spend too much time bickering with one another over what’s “best” for everyone and have forgotten our single purpose in life — to glorify God. But, Billy Graham knew this, and his words prove just that. Let’s just hope that the American people hear his words and take them to heart because, right now, we sure could use them.

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