Libs Cheer Dem Senator’s Anti-Gorsuch Speech, Here’s What It Accomplished

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Senator Jeff Merkley (left), Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch (right)

With Democrats doing everything they can to fight the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, some are taking their hatred and division to a whole new level. Yesterday, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) finally finished up his 15-hour speech that was cheered by liberals across the country, and today, we are actually seeing what it accomplished.

Senator Merkley thought he was going to be a liberal hero for running his mouth for so long, and he indeed was hailed as such by fellow leftists. However, we all know liberals are good at talk and not action, so his speech isn’t all that impressive. All that aside, Merkley simply wanted to stop the up or down vote for Gorsuch.

In his speech, he made fun of conservatives on the court and Gorsuch, as well as the late Antonin Scalia. Merkley said, “[Gorsuch] is much like his idol and role model Antonin Scalia and other far-right conservatives on the Supreme Court. And while this unbalanced approach might make for interesting reading, the courtroom is not an academic paper each case involves real people with real problems.”

According to Conservative Review, Merkley isn’t filibustering Gorsuch’s vote, though. His speech was more about himself than anything else and his uncanny ability to talk about his division tactics for hours at a time. At one point during his worthless speech, Merkley proceeded to lecture on the Constitution. Well, isn’t that rich? A leftist is lecturing constitutionalists on the constitution. Merkley’s speech was a simple exercise in irrelevancy. He accomplished literally nothing during his irrational tirade.

There are still promises from Senate Republicans that Gorsuch will be confirmed later this week after a vote for him takes place. Merkley has the right to physically exhaust himself to give his opinion on Judge Gorsuch, but conservatives have no fear following this speech. It was pointless.

The fact that we all know he can talk for 15 hours is all he has achieved. Unsurprisingly, Democrats still think a filibuster is a good idea to attempt to stop Gorsuch’s vote, and they are hailing Merkley as a hero for achieving nothing. Apparently, wasting time is something to be applauded if you find yourself on the left of the political aisle.

Liberals constantly want participation awards, and they are literally cheering on Merkley for accomplishing exactly nothing. Merkley got a participation award in the form of accolades from other leftists. Rational people would call this a tantrum.

It’s pretty humorous that Democrats think that this is what democracy looks like. If this is a democracy, no wonder Democrats have lost so many seats in government since 2008. However, there’s icing on this cake too, as Merkley was one of the Democrats who demanded a change in rules in 2013 that would kill the filibuster. You can’t even make this stuff up.

It’s hard to say what was the most embarrassing part of this emotional rant. It could be the waste of time or it could be the bold display of hypocrisy, but one thing is for certain — Democrats have used emotional protests that accomplished nothing in the past, and they’ll probably continue to do so in the future.

There’s a difference between making a difference and being a nuisance. Merkley was nothing more than a nuisance and sound in an empty room while we all slept and didn’t give a damn about his little speech. Merkley needs a reality check. We the People voted for President Donald Trump, knowing he would nominate the next Supreme Court Justice. Now, it’s time for the tantrums to stop and get on with his confirmation already.