Dem Congressman Reports Theft Of Cops As Pigs Picture, Police Have 1 Reply

Dem Congressman Reports Theft Of Cops As Pigs Picture, Police Have 1 Reply
After a Democratic Congressman demanded police arrest the representative who removed a painting of officers as bloodthirsty pigs, he was ironically surprised that they weren’t rushing to his aid.

After a Republican Representative removed an offensive, anti-police painting depicting officers as bloodthirsty pigs, a Democratic Congressman demanded police arrest his fellow elected official for “thievery.” As soon as the hypocritical congressman reported the “crime,” police had just one reply for him.

Just last week, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) made headlines after the former marine removed a racially-motivated piece of artwork that portrayed police officer as dangerous animals. The portrait, which pitted trigger-happy swine in police uniforms against seemingly innocent black demonstrators, was taken down from a wall in the Capitol Building by an indignant Hunter, who swore to defend the nation’s officers from such fear-mongering propaganda.

Of course, Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO) was there to spur on the race war, ironically and hypocritically demanding Capitol Police arrest Hunter for “thievery.” Shocked as he was that the ridiculed officers weren’t rushing to his aid, Lacy is likely even more surprised by their subsequent reply.

Dem Congressman Reports Theft Of Cops As Pigs Picture, Police Have 1 Reply
Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO) (pictured) got a taste of his own medicine after 27,000 officers began protesting the offensive painting and refusing to charge Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) with theft.

Proving that they’re not going to be abused pawns at the elected official’s disposal, over 27,000 law enforcement officers and professionals have banded together to protest the “reprehensible, repugnant, and repulsive” painting. Utilizing a tactic that liberal race baiters often misuse, thousands of officers are reminding Clay that he’s nothing more than a civil servant just like them.

In addition, the law enforcement officials at Blue Lives Matter laughed at Clay’s demand, sarcastically replying on their Facebook page, “Lol, yeah right. We’ll get right on that.” Although Clay claims to be defending the artist’s “right to express himself” and his “protection under the law,” the officers involved with Blue Lives Matter reiterated this so-called “right” doesn’t exist.

“This whole ‘constitutional’ issue is a bunch of nonsense,” one law enforcement official wrote. “Nobody has any right to have their painting hanging in the US Capitol. The constitutional argument is often brought up by people who don’t want to admit that they agree with something offensive.”

Blue Lives Matter then suggested that if Clay is going to be impartial in defending our alleged rights to hang paintings in the Capitol Building, he should have no problem demanding a portrait of slain Master Sgt. Debra Clayton, who was gunned down on Monday by Markeith Lloyd, a black murder suspect.

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The officers at Blue Lives Matter add that Clay’s demand to arrest Hunter for theft is quite the stretch, as Hunter didn’t steal the painting but removed it and returned it to Clay’s office. In fact, Clay’s accusation is even more far-fetched considering that the painting doesn’t even belong to him. Hunter’s removal of the canvas could also be regarded as his own expression of free speech, especially since Clay claims to hold it so highly.

Although thousands in law enforcement have joined the protest, Rep. Hunter vows that he’ll still have their backs. “Lacy can put it back up, I guess if he wants to … but I’m allowed to take it down,” he promised.

Making threats of physical violence over the canvas, Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) warned, “We may just have to kick somebody’s a** and stop them.” Of course, we expected this type of response, as it is common with the race-baiting leftist representatives of the black community — individuals take down an offensive painting and they threaten violence and civil unrest.

“This piece of art, which depicts officers as pigs, is both offensive and disgusting,” said Andy Maybo, President of the Fraternal Order of Police District of Columbia Lodge 1. “During a time in our society when tensions are so high that someone can be offended by a single word, this painting does nothing but attack law enforcement to its core. The fact that a member of congress would advocate and praise such a painting is reprehensible. We in law enforcement, regardless of the police department we work for, are held to higher standards that certain members of congress now have made a mockery of.”

This painting has no place in the Capitol Building. Of course, if Clay would like to hang a portrait of panthers gunning down unsuspecting police officers in cold blood, maybe we’d consider him to actually be standing for free speech.

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