Democrat Darling Mourns Closing of Coffee Shop, Neglects to Mention Why It Happened

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted her sadness after her favorite coffee shop in New York was shut down. She used the opportunity to once again claim that she is a “normal, working person.” But in all her sorrow, she neglected to mention one crucial fact about the shop’s demise.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted about the closing of The Coffee Shop in Union Square. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Facebook)

Most people might not mourn the loss of one coffee shop. Especially in a city like New York, which is crawling with them. But the fact remains this one store employed 150 people. Now that it’s doors are closing, all of them will be out of work. That’s never great.

It just so happens that Ocasio-Cortez knew about this one particular coffee shop. She said she actually used to work there. Now, after almost thirty years, it’s shutting down. The Democratic Socialist lamented its fate on Twitter. She even used the event to push her political aspirations.

Ah, what a brave, tireless champion of the people! She wants all of us to have a better future. If only she was in office already. Perhaps this coffee shop would still be serving customers. (heavy sarcasm)

But, wait! It seems like this coffee shop closed for a very specific reason. In fact, it was one factor that hastened its demise: government-inflated minimum wage. That is a major goal of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s platform. If she were in office, the minimum wage would be even higher.

So, she is mourning the loss of a store, that she would have put out of business, anyway.

New York Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez portrays herself as “a normal, working person,” but one of her positions may have helped 150 people lose their jobs…

After enduring mockery for declaring Sunday that a walk in a national park was an example of democratic socialism, Ocasio-Cortez lamented Monday the shutting down of an iconic New York coffee shop that closed mostly due to a higher minimum wage – which Ocasio-Cortez supported…

But unlike what Ocasio-Cortez wants you to believe about the closing down, it wasn’t the result of greedy capitalists trying to squeeze the workers, but rather government regulations that forced the company to go bust. [Source: Fox News]

“The times have changed in our industry,” coffee shop owner Charles Milite said. “The rents are very high and now the minimum wage is going up and we have a huge number of employees.”

Ocasio-Cortez regularly calls for an increase in minimum wage. She even wants the federal government to enforce a $15 an hour wage. Entitled, upper-class Ocasio-Cortez (whose one private business failed) doesn’t think that would hurt businesses.

Socialists never do. As people woefully unqualified to talk about business, they often push policies that make it impossible for private businesses to succeed. They burden companies with higher taxes, heavy regulation, miles of red tape, and ridiculous laws like the minimum wage hike.

Don’t think socialists hurt business? Just ask Charles Milite. His coffee shop is gone, thanks to New York state.

People like Ocasio-Cortez claim their platform will help the people. Really? What about all the people who worked at The Coffee Shop in Union Square that are now out of work? These people have rent, bills, and mouths to feed. They now have to find another way to provide medical insurance. Some of them might have children.

Democrats might like to prance around touting the benefits of a forced minimum wage increase. They never talk about the many Americans who lose business and work because of it.

Across the country, super-liberal states who have inflated minimum wages are suffering. California is seeing an exodus of business. Hundreds of restaurants have closed in San Francisco and San Diego. They simply cannot afford the wildly increased wages.

Those that don’t shut down simply lay off a portion of their employees. Big companies like McDonald’s and Walmart (which are frequently attacked by Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez) find ways of limiting staff, such as installing ordering kiosks or self check-out lines.

It’s all because of socialist policies that are finding their way into this country. But will Ocasio-Cortez do anything, when thousands more lose their jobs? Will she help them find more work or pay their rent? Of course not. She is living high off the hog, thanks to politics. But when normal, working people suffering, she’ll be nowhere to be found.

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