After Democrat Said “F*CK THE NRA”, Tucker Carlson Humiliated Him… Bad

A U.S. House candidate in New Mexico put out a campaign ad saying, “F*ck the NRA.” The Democrat recently made the mistake of trying to act like a gun expert on Fox News. Watch as Tucker Carlson humiliates him… bad.

Tucker Carlson (left), Pat Davis (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/Fox News)

Democrat Pat Davis is seeking election to the U.S. House to represent the 1st Congressional District of New Mexico which lies in the Albuquerque area. Prior to the release of his controversial campaign ad in which he infamously said, “F*ck the NRA,” Davis was a city councilman and a former police officer.

Davis’ decision to appear on Fox NewsTucker Carlson Tonight show with host Tucker Carlson turned out to be a huge mistake as he tried to portray himself as a gun expert and ended up looking like a fool. This did not end well for the New Mexico liberal.

“F*ck the NRA. Their pro-gun policies have resulted in dead children, dead mothers, and dead fathers. I’m Pat Davis, and I approved this message because if Congress won’t change our gun laws, we’re changing Congress,” Davis said during his short campaign ad that sparked nationwide controversy.

Tucker Carlson did not waste one second with niceties as he welcomed Pat Davis to his show. “So that’s the ad, F*ck the NRA? Kind of moronic, no?” Tucker probed Davis. Clearly, Davis wasn’t prepared for Tucker to confront him in such an immediate and blunt fashion. The Democrat stuttered as he tried to justify his use of obscenity in his ad.

“That’s it, just 15 seconds, but it got a whole lot of attention and started a new conversation about guns and I’m grateful for that,” Davis replied. Notably, the expression on Davis’ face is far from genuinely comfortable as Tucker’s initial hit had him shifting in his seat and trying to smile through his idiotic explanation.

Tucker didn’t let the former cop off easy and in fact called him out as someone who should demonstrate a higher level of integrity. “But doesn’t it degrade you? I mean you used the F-word in an ad. I mean if you have a position, state it, but F the NRA? I mean, come on,” Tucker said.

This is the moment Davis should have smelled smoke and ran, but because he’s stupid, he tried to make up something good on the fly. The problem is that nothing Davis said from this point on was even remotely good and could be what destroys his campaign.

“Well Tucker, I mean, look, being polite, it hasn’t made our schools any safer. It hasn’t protected police officers like I used to be. Uh, you know, if a cuss word on TV offends you more than pictures of dead children in Parkland or Newtown then your priorities are all wrong,” Davis said.

Davis tried to build credibility by again pointing out that he was a cop, but Tucker wasn’t having it. “I don’t care if you were a cop or not. Hold on, wait. Let me ask you a question. It’s not an ‘either-or’ it’s not that I’m so offended, its just if politeness doesn’t work. Do you think rudeness will? Is rudeness going to save lives do you think?” Tucker asked.

No idiot in their right mind would have tried to answer that question, but Davis did anyhow. “Well, you know, as we were looking to make this ad, what we, we kept coming up with the same idea and every ad idea we came up with to talk about this issue looked like someone else’s and those had not worked. Clearly, this got the NRA’s attention and it has started a new conversation both among candidates running for office about who we can, how we organize to take back Congress and put new leaders there to take on gun control but also how we stand up to the NRA. I mean, we know what works,” Davis said.

Davis literally told Tucker that obscenity was the better choice because he and the team that helped him put the ad together wanted to stand out. The liberal logic is almost unbearable, and Tucker wasn’t about to let Davis spew his justification for obscenity and then retreat.

“No, it started a conversation about how embarrassing you are. I mean, how many NRA members have committed mass shootings?” Tucker asked. Davis did not want to go there in front of millions of viewers, so he tried to redirect the conversation by talking about “common sense” things that people want to do in regard to gun control.

Tucker cut him at the knees. “You just released an ad that said F the NRA which I’m sure back at your fraternity house, they love. But, let me ask you an adult question. How many NRA members have committed mass shootings?”

Again, Davis would not answer the question and tried to escape by telling Tucker that the issue is about the organization itself. Sadly for Davis, his busted conversational strategy was no match for Tucker. By this time in the interview, I can only imagine that Davis was having an “oh crap” moment and wished he had never accepted the free publicity opportunity. Tucker played Davis’ new ad for viewers and mercilessly picked him apart over it.

“By the time this ad is done, an AR-15 could have fired a hundred and fifty bullets. That’s why we need to ban assault weapons. I’m Pat Davis, running for Congress and I approved this message because lives are more important than gun company profits,” Davis said in his new campaign ad.

Tucker Carlson had quite enough of this liberal idiot and his self-aggrandizing as a gun expert. “So you just said that in fifteen seconds an AR-15 can fire a hundred and fifty rounds. Is that true?” Tucker asked Davis to confirm.

Pat Davis hadn’t yet figured out that he was about to be humiliated so he continued to spew absolute nonsense. “That’s right, that’s right. Right here in New Mexico you can go to a parking lot or go on the internet, buy an assault weapon, an AR-15 and buy a legally available add-on like a bump stock that allows you to replicate exactly what happened in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas shooter could shoot 600 rounds a minute,” Davis said.

Tucker gave him pure hell. “You’re saying an AR-15 can fire a hundred and fifty rounds in 15 seconds? So would it have a hundred and fifty round magazine? What would that, let me ask, let’s be specific, that’s your ad. What would that magazine look like, the hundred and fifty round magazine?” Tucker asked, according to Mediaite.

Davis just didn’t know when to shut up. “Exactly like the magazines that Las Vegas police officers pulled out of that hotel room. They had fifty and hundred round magazines and that weapon was capable,” Davis said. It was very clear at this point that Davis did not have a clue, and Tucker ate him alive.

“These are rhetorical questions. You don’t know what you’re talking about and I know that you were a police officer or you claim to have been. No AR-15 can fire a hundred and fifty rounds in 15 seconds. That’s untrue and if you believe it is true then you’re not qualified to have a conversation about guns. People are laughing at you because you are ignorant. You don’t know what you’re talking about. That’s just untrue,” Tucker said.

“What do you think would happen to the barrel in 15 seconds if you put a hundred and fifty rounds, it would melt,” Tucker said. “So I guess my point is if you’re going to take on the NRA and be Mr. tough, I was a cop guy, maybe you should know what you’re talking about but you don’t. You’re putting something on television that’s demonstrably wrong, that’s physically impossible and all of your voters are like, oh yeah, this guy knows what he’s talking about, he was a cop. But you don’t know, so maybe you should apologize for it. I’m sorry, politeness doesn’t work… You know what works? Actually, facts work. Why don’t you get some facts?” Tucker added.

There was nothing left of Davis to pick up off the floor at the end of the interview. He was way in over his head and superbly succeeded in embarrassing himself and the Democratic Party. In my opinion, Tucker dished out exactly what this moron deserved. Voters in New Mexico should dump Davis before he takes his obscenities and lack of knowledge to any other elected office.

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