Democrat Keeps Liberal Hopes Alive, Predict How Trump’s Presidency Will End

Donald Trump (left), Dianne Feinstein (right)

It’s become common knowledge that there is a concerted effort by the left to oust President Donald Trump. Liberals want to take him down any way that they can, and Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein thinks she knows just how that will happen. Keeping liberal hopes alive, she’s made a bold prediction that she’s sure to be wrong about.

Dianne Feinstein is hardly a voice for liberty or freedom. When she isn’t spending her time thinking of ways to disarm American civilians, she’s coming up with and backing freedom-trampling laws designed to give the government massive amounts of power over our daily lives, but now, she’s taking a break from being a tyrant and focusing her efforts on President Donald Trump, telling her lemmings not to worry because she knows a way that Trump can still be ousted, and she’s predicting how it’ll happen.

It wasn’t Feinstein’s blatant hypocrisy that was the big deal during a recent speech but rather her moment of “psychic clarity” that has everyone talking. When Feinstein was speaking at a town hall session, she was asked how Congress intends to deal with Trump’s alleged illegal activities. The question, ironically, came after acknowledgment that Feinstein’s husband benefited financially from the very laws she helped pass in California.

The journalist ended the long-winded question by wondering just how they were going to “get [Trump] out,” because that’s all the liberal really wanted to know. Feinstein answered quickly and gave Democrats everywhere a glimmer of hope by saying she thinks the president will resign himself because the left is still looking at ways to accomplish impeachment.

“We have a lot of people looking at this. Technical people. I think he’s going to get himself out,” she rambled. “I think sending sons to another country to make a financial deal for his company and then have that covered with government expenses… I think those government expenses should not be allowed. We are working on a bill that will deal with conflict of interest. It’s difficult.”

Pushing aside Feinstein’s hypocrisy, of which there are many things she’s guilty of being hypocritical about, she somehow thinks that Trump is going to throw his hands in the air and give up, walking away from the highest elected office. Feinstein isn’t exactly a well-known psychic, and she doesn’t really understand that people outside of California are not the lemmings she’s come to know in the Golden state.

It’s a pretty big deal when you have all Democrats in government working against everything you seek to accomplish. However, Feinstein’s comments will do nothing more than steel the resolve of not just all of Trump’s supporters, but it will make Republicans who are backing him steadfast in cutting the size and scope of the government.

It will also make her look quite foolish when Trump makes it to the four-year mark and runs for a second term, which he is likely to win based on how Democrats are acting right now. Their very antics put him in office, and so far, they have been unsuccessful at ousting him, but it hasn’t been for lack of trying and lying.

Feinstein’s little prediction will end up being wrong, and with a Republican majority in both the House and Senate, impeachment is highly unlikely. She’s simply pandering to the simple-minded liberals who still cry themselves to sleep at night in their safe spaces.

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