Democrat Has Raunchy Night Job, Even Libs Embarrassed To Find This Out

Montana Democrat Rob Quist (left), image for visual representation (right)

A Democrat running to represent Montana in Congress has pledged to bring the “values of rural Montana” with him to Washington, D.C., if elected, but his own morals have been called into question following a shocking revelation about his raunchy night job. Even liberals are embarrassed by what Rob Quist has been doing behind closed doors.

Quist is a locally famous musician who performs at various venues with his daughter, a singer. However, what might sound like a wholesome family activity is anything but thanks to one of the spots the father-daughter duo regularly plays.

Quist is a frequent performer at the Sun Meadow Resort, Idaho’s premier nudist resort for guests seeking a “family nudist experience.” He’s even featured front and center on the homepage of their website, along with his daughter, and others, who are naked.

Quist’s prominent billing on Sun Meadow’s website is unsurprising given his history of performances at the nudist resort.

His earliest known concert at the nudist resort came during the second annual Skin to the Wind Festival of Fun in 2009, in which Sun Meadow attempted to break the record for the largest skinny dip ever in North America.

Quist headlined the “Festival of Fun,” which also included “Friday night volleyball, homemade soup, salad bar and homemade bread, and a DJ dance.”

Quist returned to the nudist resort for a 2011 concert with his daughter Halladay Quist, according to the American Association for Nude Recreation newsletters, and again in 2012 for the fifth annual Skin to the Wind Festival of Fun. [Source: Washington Free Beacon]

Although it is unclear whether Quist and his daughter ever perform in the nude, as neither Quist’s campaign nor Sun Meadow responded to requests for comment, pictures posted to the resort’s website show concert attendees sitting naked in metal folding chairs during performances.

Also pictured are guests partaking in nude volleyball, nude kite-flying, and nude archery. They can even go cross-country skiing in the nude during the winter months, but it seems an awfully chilly prospect.

“Our clubs foster a wholesome, nurturing environment for members and their families,” said the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). “It’s true that you won’t know whether nude recreation is right for your family until you make that first trip,” AANR continued.

“However, based on the experiences of many members over many years, we can tell you that participating in AANR clubs and activities is likely to draw your family closer together,” added AANR. “Kids usually take to our clubs like ducks to water, joyfully running, playing, and splashing without a stitch on.”

If these are the types of “values” Rob Quist intends to bring to Washington, I dare say we can do without them. Lord knows there are enough politicians on Capitol Hill who have questionable morals and no modesty.

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