Democrat Senator Tweeted ‘Kill Yourself’ To Republican Woman, Instantly Regrets It

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A Democratic New York State Senator used social media to wish death upon a Republican woman after she exposed his abuse of power. However, he would instantly regret sending the threatening tweet.

New York Sen. Kevin Parker (Photo credit screenshot Fox Newsdeleted tweet)

Senator Kevin Parker, who proposed a social media background check for gun licenses, used Twitter to wish death upon a Republican. The hook is that a guy who wants to deny guns to otherwise law-abiding people based on the hateful things they write on social media just disqualified himself from gun ownership, according to the rules of his proposed law, by sending a threatening tweet.

This begins with a Newsweek report that New York State Senator Kevin Parker drafted a bill that would allow the state to pour through 3 years of social media posts and search engine history on anyone applying for a gun license.

If the bill passes, investigators would be able to look for posts or searches that contain threats to the health or safety of others; intentions to carry out an act of terrorism; or commonly known profane slurs or biased language describing the race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation of a person.

And speaking of social media posts that contain threats to the health and safety of others, Kevin Parker told a Republican woman to go kill herself.

On Tuesday, Republican Majority Deputy Communications Director Candice Giove called out Parker for abusing his parking privileges, and let’s just say that the Democratic Senator didn’t take it well. In a now deleted Twitter exchange, Parker expressed his wish that Giove ends her life.

Parker deleted the tweet, but the Internet is forever:

Parker definitely dodged a bullet here by being a Democrat. Had a Republican man told a liberal woman to go kill herself, it would have been a major outrage, but this barely registered in the liberal media.

Parker issued a weak apology to Giove and then made that apology even weaker in The Wall Street Journal.

“My words were not proper to say, and I’ve apologized for that. But let’s understand what this is about: She should be spending her time getting her conference in line with the values of the people of the state of New York,” said Parker.

Is Parker telling a woman to die because she pointed out that he was abusing his parking privileges in line with the values of the people of the state of New York?

“I don’t know why it is a temper issue. Did I touch her? Did I yell at her? It was a tweet. That’s all it was. Had I said this to her in the hallway, would we be having this conversation? Probably not,” Parker said.

Actually, had he delivered this hate directly to Giove’s face, there’s a good chance he would have been arrested for assault and/or making terrorist threats. There would definitely be more of a conversation about this if he said it to her face-to-face.

The WSJ also reports that several years ago Parker assaulted a parking enforcement official for writing him a ticket for double parking. Is it ironic that a guy named “Parker” is so bad at parking and violently lashes out at those who call him on it or just another crazy coincidence?

Under the law proposed by Kevin Parker, people would be denied gun licenses if they had any social media threats to the health or safety of others. He straight up told a woman to kill herself, which more than qualifies as a threat to her health or safety and would disqualify from a gun license under his own law.

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