Democrat Hires Transgender Stripper For Public Conference, Goes All Wrong

Leave it to the city of Seattle to hire a transgender stripper to be “entertainment” for a daytime conference open to the public on homelessness. The stripper, who goes by the name of Beyonce Black St. James, performed a striptease act, but in the program for the event, St. James was referred to only as a “cultural presentation.” Well, it’s safe to say this went all wrong. Don’t miss this.

Beyonce Black St. James (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

A Democrat public official in Seattle has been placed on paid leave after it was reported she hired a transgender stripper to dance topless at her agency’s annual homelessness conference.

Black transgender stripper Beyoncé Black St. James reportedly “danced on tables, gave lap dances, and stripped down to a pair of silver pasties as people threw dollar bills,” at the homelessness conference held on December 9, noted Erica C. Barnett on her website, The C Is For Crank.

“Last week, Seattle and King County leaders hired transgender stripper Beyoncé Black St. James to perform at their annual conference on solving homelessness. Here’s how they’re using taxpayer money,” tweeted Christopher F. Rufo.

“As the video shows, the programming has nothing to do with helping people on the streets — it’s about affirming a radical ideology that puts identity politics above solving real problems,” Rufo wrote in another tweet.

“For years, Seattle has claimed that it ‘needs more resources’ to solve homelessness, but as the video shows, they find it totally appropriate to pay for a transgender stripper to grind on members of the region’s homelessness nonprofits and taxpayer-funded organizations,” he added.

Kira Zylstra, acting director of King County’s coordinating agency for homelessness, organized the “All Home” conference at South Seattle College and was placed on administrative leave as an investigation was launched into St. James’s performance.

The theme of the conference was “decolonizing our collective work.”

City and county employees, donors, and representatives of Catholic Community Services, Mary’s Place, and Neighborhood House were all in attendance at the homelessness event.

Barnett’s report continued:

Although some who saw the performance called it fun, “fabulous” and a rare opportunity for queer people of color—St James is black— to be represented in the sort of space usually dominated by straight white people, others disagreed, complaining that the show was too “sexual” and forced people to participate in a sexualized performance without prior consent.

The Seattle Times reported St. James’s striptease was referred to in the program only as a “cultural presentation.”

“No one expected it,” a staffer told the Times. “So I think some people felt uncomfortable.”

In a reported email to Barnett, Denise Rothleutner, deputy director of King County’s Department of Community and Human Services, said:

The department is aware of an event that occurred during the All Home annual conference on December 9, 2019.  We have placed the director of All Home on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation into the event and the leadership of All Home. Because there is an active investigation underway, I am unable to respond to specific questions about the event.

According to the Times, Zylstra is paid about $123,000 a year. Then, we have Beyonce Black St. James taking this leftist abomination a step further by defying reality and claiming: “I’m not a stripper!”

We live in a time that rejects God and rejects reality altogether. 

Boys can grow up to be women and vice-versa. People in Canada can go to jail for addressing someone by the “wrong” pronoun. Christianity is being oppressed worldwide. Transgender individuals give “story-time” to children at public libraries.

The radical leftists are realizing what Karl Marx planned. This is all called “cultural Marxism.” He knew to manipulate the masses you had to break down the family and make women go to work outside the home. The children are left to be educated in all things by the government.

Outlaw religion. Normalize promiscuity. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. The very fact they list this striptease act as a “cultural presentation” should make every American worried. If that transgender person’s striptease act is “American culture,” what’s next?

All of us must educate our family and friends on the leftists’ game plan, and we all have a duty to reject it. We cannot lose our Republic to these idiots who have no clue the harm they are bringing our great nation.

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