As Democrats Call For Gun Control, They’re About To Go Nuts When They See What They Did

Following the mass shooting Sunday night in Las Vegas, Nevada, it took liberals no time at all to use this tragedy in an attempt to further their political agendas. Instead of focusing on the loved ones lost and the sick act committed, they used the shooting as a platform to point fingers at gun owners and attack our 2nd Amendment. As Democrats stay busy calling for enforcement on gun control, they are about to go nuts when they see what they’ve accomplished.

New York stock exchange holds moment of silence for victims of the Las Vegas shooting (left), a stock image of guns for visual representation (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/ABC, Screengrab/YouTube)

As with any mass shooting, instead of blaming the sick individual behind the act, liberals go straight to pointing fingers at the gun. Dozens of celebrities and politicians have already spoken out, including twice-failed Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who called for our government to make a change in our gun laws. Unfortunately, what they still don’t seem to realize or choose to ignore is that criminals do not follow laws, they break them, which means all they are doing is making it harder for the good guys to protect the innocent from evil. However, that’s not all they are accomplishing.

Even with all the Hollywood gun control propaganda, liberal plans are backfiring big time. What they hoped would harm the gun industry is actually doing the exact opposite. This morning, the New York Stock Exchange reported that shares for the top gun manufacturers have sored following the horrific Las Vegas shooting.

Shares in gun manufacturers rose in the first few hours of trading on Monday, just hours after a gunman killed at least 50 people in Las Vegas.

It is thought the rise is [do] to an anticipated rush to buy weapons as people fear a tightening of gun control laws.

Soon after opening on Monday morning, shares in American Outdoor Brands Corp. (NASDAQ: AOBC), which holds Smith and Wesson, were up more than 3%.

Sturm Ruger & Co. (NYSE: RGR), another gun manufacturer, was up around 3% at the same time. Meanwhile, ammunition manufacturer, Vista Outdoors Inc. (NYSE: VSTO) was up 3%.

Prices in all three companies were bouncing around in early trading, but were in positive territory. [Source: BBC]

In just the first few hours, shares did nothing but climb, anticipating a rise in sales, such as what was seen following the 9/11 attacks, the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, and after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, terrorist attack in December 2015 when gun sales surged. This is in contrast to last week, where trading had shares in all three companies closing down on Friday. However, once gun control was brought to the table, all three major manufacturers’ shares rose.

As previously stated, we often see gun sales rise anytime the left has reason to call for more gun control. Anytime the left rushes towards demands to crack the whip on guns, they shoot themselves in the foot – no pun intended – as law-abiding Americans seek to purchase guns before more regulations are put in place, proving where many Americans stand on gun rights.

You would think by now that Democrats would have learned to keep their mouth shut because all they’re doing is helping the cause they claim to so desperately want to stop. Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, told the World News Getaway that the conventional wisdom is that shares in “gun manufacturers rise after shootings like the one in Las Vegas as investors believe there will be a rush to purchase guns before new gun control regulations are put into place.”

Thanks to the overwhelming influence of the left, it is safe to say that the gun industry will not suffer from the fake anti-gun propaganda that’s already being pushed by ill-informed liberals who are reacting on emotion rather than logic. All Americans take these shootings seriously, but many of us realize that the right steps are to arm and protect ourselves, not render ourselves defenseless. Luckily, we have a President who has vowed to stand by We the People, our Constitution, and our right to bear arms, instead of trying to strip us of those rights.

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