Democrats Put Forward The Most Invasive Solution To Gun Control Ever Imagined

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Two New York lawmakers are pushing a new set of rules to crack down on gun ownership. They claim that it’s to prevent future mass shootings. But the details of their bill go beyond violating your Second Amendment rights. It will violate every last bit of your freedom.

New York’s Eric Adams and other Democrats have a horrifying new plan to prevent gun ownership. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Jefferson Santos/Unsplash)

The Democrats hate the Second Amendment. We know that much to be true. Every time there is a highly-publicized shooting, they jump on the gun control bandwagon. They exploit tragedy and the deaths of innocent Americans to push politics.

Think about that for a minute. Democrats don’t even wait to mourn the dead. They never point the finger at the people responsible for the crimes. Instead, they use a tragedy to further their anti-Second Amendment goals.

Add to that the fact they never look at real statistics, like the many times that armed Americans have stopped shooters. Or how “gun free” cities, like Chicago, have some of the worst gun violence in the country.

Democrats don’t want private citizens to own firearms. They want Americans to be helpless and dependent on the government to protect them. Because of this, they’ll use any tragedy they can to manipulate voters to support their terrible gun control policies.

A pair of lawmakers in New York have perhaps the worst, most-invasive solution to gun control ever. They want to force the government to conduct background checks on everyone who tries to buy a gun. But we’re not talking about the basic criminal screenings that already take place. Nope, they want authorities to comb through years of your social media postings, online presence, and even Internet searches.

All in the hopes of finding “hate speech” and other content they assume will mean you want to hurt people.

The law would not only be a violation of your Second Amendment rights but your right to Free Speech and privacy.

Two Brooklyn politicians want cops to examine New Yorkers’ online activity to prevent more hate-fueled tragedies like the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre. State Sen. Kevin Parker and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams proposed legislation Friday that would incorporate social media accounts into background checks for gun buyers…

“You would have thought this person was a model citizen until you examined his social media profile,” said Adams, a Democrat. “And you would have noticed he was not a model citizen, he was a broken citizen that was a time bomb that was waiting to explode.”

The pair of bills would empower the New York State Police and local departments like the NYPD to check three years of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat activity for anyone applying for a gun license in New York, Parker said.

Authorities would flag anything that is an “immediate threat to public safety,” he said. Gun buyers would also have to let police comb through a year’s worth of their search engine histories under the legislation. [Source: New York City Patch]

There are so many things wrong with this legislation, I don’t even know where to start. First off, these Democrats make one big, flawed assumption: that potential mass shooters can be predicted based on something they posted on social media.

How many people mistakenly vent their frustration and anger on social media? Does that mean they are going to commit a crime? Of course not. Racist comments on Facebook are terrible, but that doesn’t mean someone is going to kill Jews. These lawmakers think they can predict the future, stopping crimes before they happen.

But by doing so, they assume someone is guilty until proven innocent. A violation of Constitutionally-protected due process.

Not only that, but they are invading citizens’ privacy. Law enforcement doesn’t have a right to comb through your private posts on social media, nor do they have a right to infiltrate your search history without a warrant. This law would deprive Americans of their Fourth Amendment rights, simply because they want to buy a gun (protected by their Second Amendment rights).

Parker and Adams don’t care about your privacy. They consider the words you post online to be the same as actions. They don’t think you deserve to protect yourself with a gun. Plus, they assume you’ll be violent, because of a wayward post from 2015.

On top of all that, this law seeks to violate citizens’ First Amendment rights. People will be afraid to express their opinions, for fear it will come back to hurt them later on. Most Americans aren’t racist, but we are living in an age where Democrats accuse conservatives of racism simply for supporting immigration reform. How many law-abiding citizens will be denied firearms in New York because they think we should build a wall on the border?

But don’t be fooled. Democrats across the country hold to the same views. If they could, they’d make this kind of legislation national. They want Americans afraid to express themselves. Afraid of defending themselves. And afraid that the government is spying on them.

Those are tactics used by tyrants. They don’t belong in a free country. Be sure to SHARE this bombshell with everyone you know. The Democrats cannot get away with this scheme.