Democrats Livid After Insider Leaks Trump’s Message For Them About The Wall

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As the government shutdown enters its fourth week, Democrats continue to cling to the claim that our border issue is a “manufactured crisis” and the wall is “too expensive” to build. Liberals are furious that President Donald Trump is standing firm in his resolve to build the wall, as he continues to put in long hours despite the shutdown. Now, an insider close to Trump has dropped a major bombshell about what the President plans to do in coming weeks, and this new information will no doubt have the left fuming mad.

President Donald Trump in a meeting (Photo Credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

If there’s one thing President Donald Trump has constantly proved to us, it’s his incredible ability to get the job done in Washington, D.C.

As Trump rolls up on the two-year mark of his presidency, following his historic election, he’s already racked up an astounding 289 accomplishments, including adding 4 million new jobs to the economy, destroying ISIS, and an 83 percent increase in the arrests of dangerous MS-13 members trying to invade our country.

Adding a wall would just be the cherry on the top, and the left knows its construction would likely ensure he’s voted in for a second term.

As this government shutdown looms on, a Trump insider laid the truth bomb on CNN in regards to the wall, saying, “He’s not going to budge even 1 inch.” CNN appeared to be incredibly distressed over the news, where they published one of their “trustworthy” polls, claiming that Americans blame the President for the shutdown.

Here’s some of the propaganda CNN is spewing, which shows they’re doing everything in their power to demonize our President over his simple request that our nation protects our Southern Border from drugs and criminals:

[A] CNN/SSRS survey published Sunday shows a majority of the public blames the President, with 55% saying he is more responsible for the shutdown than are Democrats in Congress, while 32% say the blame rests mostly with the Democrats.

That poll also shows public opinion is also against Trump on the underlying reason for the shutdown: 56% oppose a wall, 39% favor it, according to the CNN poll.

Still, Trump has cited the Washington Post-ABC News figure as one piece of evidence for why he should allow the shutdown to continue and extend his fight with Democrats, believing they will face more pressure to give him border wall funding as time wears on. He has told aides and allies that he does not plan to budge on his demand that Congress fund a border wall, two sources familiar with his comments said.

In a series of tweets Monday morning, Trump also continued to try and shame Democrats for not negotiating with him over the shutdown, though it’s not clear he’s offering anything different than when talks crumbled last week. [Source: CNN]

President Trump said in recent days that he’s “not looking to call a national emergency,” and that “this is so simple we shouldn’t have to.” It appears as though he’s giving Democrats enough rope to hang themselves at this point, and then, he’s going to bust out the Trump card if they continue to defiantly oppose his agenda and refuse to come to an agreement.

There’s another option on the table, too. If Democrats refuse to appropriate the funds for the wall, the U.S. military could just construct the wall themselves. He hinted at such action back in December, amid the gritting and gnashing of teeth coming from Nancy Pelosi, who continues to call Trump’s border wall “immoral.”

It’s almost entertaining to watch the endless drama unfold in D.C., as Democrats do everything in their power to undermine our President’s agenda. But, the reality is, they are failing to do their job. It’s looking really bad for Democrats at this point, as President Trump, known for “the art of the deal,” isn’t about to cave and give into their childlike antics and let them invade our country with their future voters.