Democrats In PANIC MODE After Sarah Huckabee Reveals What They’ve Been Hiding All Along

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In the midst of shocking revelations that there may have been actual collusion between the Russians and the Obama administration regarding the Uranium One deal from 2010, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders revealed something that many people have not yet realized, and it sent Democrats into panic mode after she exposed what they’ve been hiding all along.

Sarah Huckabee (left), Vladimir Putin and Hillary Clinton (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/The Politistick, MIKHAIL METZEL/AFP/GettyImages)

It’s being alleged that the Clinton Foundation took “kickbacks” from Russians associated with a state-owned agency in exchange for assurances that the necessary “yes” votes would be in place to approve the sale of an American mining company to that Russian state agency.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, three congressional committees commenced investigations in the last week into the rotten deal and Hillary Clinton’s decision to sign off on it while she served as the Secretary of State under former President Barack Obama. This is a huge problem for liberals and many, including the leadership at the DNC, are in full panic mode. The congressional panels are also looking into whether obscene amounts of money donated to the Clinton Foundation served as a motivating factor in Hillary Clinton’s decision to facilitate the deal with the Russians.

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, Sarah Huckabee went on Fox News to call out Democrats for their ultra-hypocritical behavior, and rightfully so. “Everything that the Clinton campaign and the DNC were falsely accusing this president of doing over the past year, they were actually doing themselves, it turns out. And, I think that this is a major scandal for the Democrats,” she said. With a few exceptions, the mainstream media has tried to avoid making their counterparts in the Democratic Party look bad by giving this major scandal proper coverage.

According to Breitbart, President Donald Trump recently took Hillary Clinton and her dishonest co-conspirators to task and called the Clinton-Uranium One scandal “Watergate” of the modern age. “I think the uranium sale to Russia and the way it was done so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money being passed, I actually think that’s Watergate, modern age,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Wednesday, October 26, 2017.

The President added that the entire Russia investigation of his campaign was misguided and that despite the left’s original intent to hurt his administration, it was coming back to haunt Democrats. “The hoax has turned around, and you look at what’s happened with Russia and you look at the uranium deal and you look at the fake dossier; that’s all turned around,” he said. Trump has also pointed out the shady Uranium One deal on Twitter in the past. “Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn’t want to follow!” he wrote last week.

American patriots are fed up with power-hungry Democrats who are sore losers after the embarrassing loss they suffered in the 2016 Presidential election. We elected President Trump fairly, but the left has done everything in their power to disrupt, undermine, and even destroy Trump’s administration. With the help of deep state operators, such as former FBI Director Robert Mueller, former FBI Director James Comey, Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Senator John McCain (R-NV), and many others, the left has waged a nasty war on our President and the time has come for them to stop.

Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for her role in the criminal activities which gave the Russians 20% of America’s uranium production. Everyone needs to know what she did, and the American people deserve justice for the crimes she committed against our great nation. Putting her in prison would be a huge step towards making America great again. Lock her up.

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