Democrats Respond to SCOTUS Ruling on Trump’s Ban, Get Caught in Embarrassing Lie

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The Democratic Party took to Twitter to respond to the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Ever the idiots, they misrepresented basic facts and proved they don’t believe in our government. Patriots were quick to put them in their place.

The Democrats took to Twitter to roast the SCOTUS ruling on President Donald Trump’s travel ban. (Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos, Kjetil Ree/FlickrScreenshot/YouTube)

We’ve known for a long time that Democrats don’t believe in law and order. Under President Barack Obama, they did pretty much whatever they wanted. Obama acted like a virtual dictator. When he couldn’t get the support of Congress, he pushed his agenda through questionable executive orders. The former president went behind our backs to make agreements with foreign countries, as when he agreed to take in thousands of refugees from Australia.

Under Obama, the Democrats used the IRS to persecute Tea Party groups. The Democrats routinely put illegal aliens and criminals ahead of Americans, going as far as warning aliens about ICE raids. Liberals oppose basic measures to secure our borders. They voted against a desperately needed tax cut. And we all know shocking abuses of power Obama’s DOJ and FBI committed in 2016 to steal the election.

So, it comes as no surprise that today, Democrats are opposed to the Supreme Court ruling on Trump’s travel ban. President Trump signed an executive order to temporarily halt people entering the U.S. from nations known to back terrorists. Liberals called it a “Muslim ban,” because they’re stupid. The Supreme Court ruled Trump is lawfully empowered to do this.

Democrats don’t seem to respect the Supreme Court or the Constitution, given their reaction.

As Twitchy reported, the Supreme Court on Tuesday in a 5-4 decision upheld President Trump’s controversial travel ban, which opponents from the very beginning have called a “Muslim ban,” because most of the countries on the list have majority Muslim populations.

It looks like the Democratic Party is going to break with SCOTUS and insist on calling the travel ban a Muslim ban, and it’s going to do everything it can to fight it — which isn’t much, considering the SCOTUS ruling. [Source: Twitchy]

Hmm. Answer me this, Democrats: how are you going to oppose a Supreme Court ruling? That seems to be the very purpose of the Supreme Court, to check and balance the powers of the Legislative and Executive branches. When the SCOTUS rules, you can’t simply dismiss it.

I’d also like to know how temporarily halting travel from known terrorist hubs makes us “less safe”? Once again, the Democrats are saying the exact opposite of what’s true. Almost as if all they do is lie!

It’s shocking to think Democrats would fight so hard to make America open to terrorism. Even with ISIS losing rapidly in the Middle East (thanks to Trump) radical Islamic terror remains a threat around the world. There are agents who regularly want to enter the United States. We need to stay vigilant in order to prevent potential attackers from entering the country.

Why would Democrats be opposed to that? Do they want more Americans to die? Apparently.

We can’t ignore the obvious: the Democrats oppose this temporary travel ban because Trump initiated it. Obama did the same during his time in office, and the left said nothing. What’s the difference, except that Donald Trump is a Republican?

This proves the pettiness, childishness, and unprofessionalism of the Democrats. They don’t care about our well-being or safety. The only care about opposing their political rivals. Pathetic.

Patriots decided to roast the Democrats’ tweet in record style.

I doubt the Democrats will have a good rebuttal for these statements. After all, liberals are only good at spouting their tired, empty talking points, not thinking on their own. Their tweet was a carefully crafted statement that pushes a false narrative based on nothing but emotion and manipulation. When confronted with facts, they deflect, attack, and name-call.

Thankfully, many Americans see through their charade. With the mid-terms coming up, Democrats will have to do much better than an empty tweet to win over voters.