Democrats Threatened Ukraine To Investigate Trump, Americans Are Fed Up

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Democrats are fantastic at accusing President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress of doing what they are guilty of doing. In a newly discovered letter, the Democrats are caught red-handed threatening Ukraine to investigate Trump, and fed-up Americans are sounding. You’ll love this.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

If the Democrats are accusing President Trump of some crime, it’s safe to bet they are the ones who are guilty of it. Congressional Democrats were caught sending a letter demanding Ukraine investigate Trump or they would withhold much-needed aid.

“It got almost no attention, but in May, CNN reported that Sens. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) and Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) wrote a letter to Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Yuriy Lutsenko, expressing concern at the closing of four investigations they said were critical to the Mueller probe,” Washington Post reports.

“In the letter, they implied that their support for U.S. assistance to Ukraine was at stake. Describing themselves as ‘strong advocates for a robust and close relationship with Ukraine,’ the Democratic senators declared, ‘We have supported [the] capacity-building process and are disappointed that some in Kyiv appear to have cast aside these [democratic] principles to avoid the ire of President Trump,’ before demanding Lutsenko ‘reverse course and halt any efforts to impede cooperation with this important [Mueller] investigation.’”

So, it’s okay for Democratic senators to encourage Ukraine to investigate Trump, but it’s not okay for the president to allegedly encourage Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden?

And let’s not forget these Democrat senators were doing the bidding of the Mueller investigation. You see, Ukraine has been central to the bogus Trump-Russia investigation. In fact, the Democrats do not want the truth to come out about Ukraine’s role in the soft coup attempt by Hillary Clinton and the deep state rats.

“Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers, a Politico investigation found.”

Just to be clear, this is the corruption Trump was talking about when he was warning the new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on that phone conversation. Of course, the other big corruption in Ukraine is by Joe Biden.

“In 2016, the then-vice president threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees to Ukraine if the government did not fire the country’s top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin,” Washington Post reports.

Americans are completely fed up with all these Democrats and their lies. 

“The hypocrisy of Congressional democRats knows no bounds! 3 democRat senators wrote to the Ukraine threatening to stop aid if investigations weren’t continued. AND Joe Biden threatened to stop aid if a prosecutor looking at the company his son worked for wasn’t fired! And now …” tweeted Mike Byrd.

“What about the letter written to Ukraine in 2018 by Democrat leadership to continue investigating Russia and Trump. Investigations that ended and they threatened withholding aid if they did not comply!” tweeted “Johne.”

“We have Democrats who threatened Ukraine over Mueller. We have Trump want investigation about 50K /month being paid to Biden’s son. It is Dems doing everything they can to unwind the voted election because they didn’t agree with the votes,” tweeted “East Dallas Brian.”

“Plus 3 other democrats also threatened Ukraine if they didn’t come up with dirt on Trump. Trump wants to know if there’s more than representatives of the US government are involved in briberies. Get yourselves Better investigators or you’ll go down with democrats,” tweeted “LMTM” in response to Rosie O’Donnell.

This weekend, Biden told reporters, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” That is flatly untrue. Hunter admitted in an interview with the New Yorker that his father expressed concern about the Burisma post at least once: “Dad said, ‘I hope you know what you are doing,’ and I said, ‘I do.’”

Moreover, the New Yorker reports, “In December 2015, as Joe Biden prepared to return to Ukraine, his aides braced for renewed scrutiny of Hunter’s relationship with Burisma, the energy company that was paying Biden’s son.”

President Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president taken in its entirety is not about the upcoming 2020 election. Trump is asking questions about the 2016 election, which include his remarks about CrowdStrike, the cyber-security firm hired by the DNC to exam its servers after they claimed they were hacked.

CrowdStrike’s servers are located in Ukraine, and Trump is very interested since no law enforcement agency ever got to examine them or got their final report on the hacking. Trump smells a rat and rightly so. Biden and CrowdStrike are issues involving Ukraine and the 2016 election, and as our Commander in Chief, he has the right and the duty to root out corruption to protect United States interests anywhere in the world.

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