Democrats Scared As WikiLeaks Makes Major Announcement About ASSASSINATION

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange.

We now know that gone are the days of our privacy and Fourth Amendment rights, thanks to the information released in the Vault 7 dumps by the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks. If you think that’s bad, just wait, Julian Assange assures us that there is much more still to come, and Democrats are terrified after a recent major announcement about an assassination.

Since the dumps of information, proving the United States government is not only spying on every single one of us all the time but that they can also hack cars to carry out assassinations, many have speculated that at least one journalist has met his demise this way.

If the government can assassinate by hacking into cars, what else can they do? Well, WikiLeaks knows, and Democrats are terrified. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has now been accused of killing Michael Hastings, a journalist who was investigating the CIA director when his perfectly working car caused a one-car crash, killing him on impact. All of this makes it now seem like conspiracy theorists are being validated, but WikiLeaks assures us, we’ve only scratched the surface.

Less than 1% of the documents obtained in the Vault 7 CIA files have been released to the public. Wikileaks has said that the information will be dumped slowly over time, much like the John Podesta emails during the presidential election. So far, the speculation is that these dumps will have a much larger impact than the Edward Snowden leaks, which proved the depth and scope of the NSA’s surveillance program of US citizens. The information still waiting to be released to the public will likely destroy any remaining trust Americans have in our government.

Democrats are not taking the news of more dumps well, and it’s easy to see why. They already put so much faith in government and have all but demanded socialism. They do all this while asking for the feds to grab so much power that non-politicians won’t be in charge of any aspect of their own lives anymore.

Communism could be right around the corner, and we have the Democrats to thank for it. They fear WikiLeaks because the website publishes the truth — the hard truth that they just don’t want to hear, the truth that our Founding Fathers warned us about and that Democrats deny regardless of the amount of evidence that continues to pile up.

Liberals fear taking power from the government and handing it back to the people. They fear freedom and liberty to the point that they willingly act like slaves while being ordered around. They even stoop to begging the government to create more slaves by enacting more gun control designed to further erode the fabric of freedom this very country was built on.

All it takes is talking to a few staunch leftists, and you’ll notice they have two things in common. They are cowards, and they are afraid. This is why they hate Wikileaks — knowledge of the truth makes one more powerful, yet they seem to prefer their chains.

H/T [Daily Caller]