Democrats Refuse to Say This One Word, So Trump Goes Trolling on Twitter

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As news breaks over Barack Obama’s FBI during the 2016 election, the Democrats are reeling. Trying to deny the facts, they refuse to use to say this one word. However, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to roast their dishonest little shorts.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to troll liberals over how they can’t use one word. (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Screenshot/YouTube)

It has been an interesting week. We are discovering just what Obama’s administration was doing to undermine our democracy. News has come out that his DOJ and FBI were abusing their power to attack the Trump campaign. The DOJ acquired a FISA, based on shoddy information. This is a clear violation of Trump and his team’s rights. But it only gets worse from there.

We now know that the FBI used an informant to monitor the Trump campaign. This figure was paid by the bureau to infiltrate Trump’s team. The FBI’s hope? That they’d find dirt on Trump that would derail his chances. The politicized FBI tried to steal our election for Hillary Clinton. Let that sink in.

Despite this bombshell news, liberals pretend nothing happened. They claim it was business as usual. Of course! Because the FBI is perfectly within its rights to violate an American’s Constitutional freedoms. It was over a fake dossier to boot!

This massive scandal is bigger than Watergate. Already, Trump’s DOJ is opening up numerous investigations. Heads are sure to roll very soon. Yet still, the cronies in the liberal media refuse to use the one word that perfectly sums up what the FBI was doing, and Trump knows it.

So, he took to Twitter this morning to really dig it into them.

In a series of early morning tweets on Friday, President Trump mocked the Democrats for refusing to use the term “spy” in reference to the informant who was allegedly paid hundreds of thousands by the federal government in part to try to “ensnare” the Trump campaign. Trump also worked in an MS-13 reference for good measure.

Trump then tweeted a quote from Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway: “Everyone knows there was a Spy, and in fact the people who were involved in the Spying are admitting that there was a Spy…Widespread Spying involving multiple people.”

But the corrupt Mainstream Media hates this monster story!” Trump added.

The president then pivoted to slamming the Democrats for “rooting against” the U.S. in the negotiations with North Korea and connected it to their response to his condemnation of the brutal MS-13 gang as “animals.” [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s really quite staggering to think of what the Democrats tried to do. They abused their power to prevent Trump from winning the election. And they would have gotten away with it, had there been even a shred of truth to their Russian claims. Only because Trump is an honest man, with zero ties to Russia, did the Democrats fail.

Obama’s FBI did everything in their power to stop Trump from winning. They used every dirty trick the left could come up with. And now, as the bones are spilling out of the closet, their goons in the media try to cover it up.

They can’t admit the FBI “spied” on Trump. That would be admitting to a serious crime. Our law enforcement cannot monitor American citizens without cause. They need to acquire warrants from judges, only after proving there are crimes being committed. But where were the crimes within the Trump campaign? There were none. James Comey’s FBI used a false dossier to spy on Trump’s campaign. It was a deliberate attempt at robbing us of our democracy.

But the left’s stubborn dishonesty is not getting Trump down. He thrives on this. The more pathetic the left becomes, the more he can hold it over their head. As we discover more about the Democratic Party’s corruption, Trump is having a field day mocking them.

The damn has broken. The truth is finally coming out. The left is in full panic mode. They will do anything to stop this tidal wave. But it’s way too late for that.