Crews Called To Move Demolished Car, Make Unfathomable Find On The Scene

In Coon Rapids, Minnesota, emergency responders were called out to the scene of a demolished car that took the brunt of a horrific four-vehicle collision. All that was left of the small sedan was two severed parts, but when they were preparing to clear it, they made an unfathomable find inside the wreckage.

Crews Called To Move Demolished Car Make Unfathomable Find On The Scene
Hannah Smith (left), What’s left of her car (right)

According to KSTP News, the lone driver of what once was a Toyota Camry, but now reduced to just a couple of heaps of metal, was 21-year-old Hannah Smith. She had lost control of her car and went tumbling down the highway before her vehicle was ripped into two parts and came to its final resting place.

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When medics arrived, they called Smith’s parents, Becky and Todd Smith, to deliver the difficult news, before they proceeded with recovering their daughter from the carnage. One medic said it was the worst he’s seen in 15 years of doing this job, but what he discovered inside the mangled mess was an even bigger first.

Expecting to pull a deceased 21-year-old driver out, they looked inside and not only found that she was alive but relatively unscathed despite the catastrophic damage done to her car.

“The one guy told us he’s been doing this for 15 years and he honestly didn’t expect anyone to be alive in there,” Todd recalled of his conversation with one of the medics. “He’d never seen anyone survive such a catastrophic accident.” Shocked to find her responsive, crew members got a closer look at the wrecked car, making another miraculous find.

Crews Called To Move Demolished Car Make Unfathomable Find On The Scene
Wreckage scene (left), Hannah Smith recovering with a friend by her side (right)

Of what remained of her ride, nothing was in survivable condition except for the very small compartment they found her in, and even that was incredible. The young woman ended up in that small part as a matter of chance, saving her life and allowing her to essentially walk away with injuries that are minor compared to what it could have been.

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Smith is recovering in the hospital, having suffered a broken arm, broken pelvis, and fractured sternum, all of which her parents are happy to deal with since their daughter isn’t’ dead.

The Smiths believe that their daughter’s survival was no accident, and it was God protecting her each flip and grind she took down the freeway. The same omnipotent Creator, who was in the passenger seat that terrifying day, is also getting the family through the recovery process now. “There was something other than that little Toyota Camry that saved her life. I don’t believe in good luck. I think that God saved her,” Todd said.

While others may be quick to discount God’s hand in this, insisting on explaining away a miracle and giving credit to the construction of the car instead, there is no denying the truth in this. God is in all things and was in that car for this young woman to make it out alive, so she can accomplish the things He has in His perfect plan for her.

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Smith’s path in life didn’t end there on that road. Looking at this car and seeing her today should be faith-affirming to believers and convince the skeptical that there’s more at work than our earthly minds can comprehend.