WATCH: Dem’s Campaign In Ruins As Gun Group Spots Huge Problem With New Ad

Democrat Rob Quist has come under fire for what a local gun group calls “some pretty egregious gun safety violations” in his new campaign ad. (Source: Washington Free Beacon)

A Democrat running for Montana’s single congressional seat in the state’s special election is trying awfully hard to identify with rural voters. However, his attempts to appeal to gun owners have officially failed after a local group has spotted a huge problem with his new ad. Now, his campaign is in ruins.

“For generations, this old rifle has protected my family’s ranch,” Quist says in the ad titled “Defend.” That may very well be, but it isn’t because he’s been the one wielding it. From the looks of the several gun fails Quist makes in the 30-second clip, it doesn’t appear that he’s done much shooting at all. Viewers are left wondering if he had to ask his daddy to borrow the family rifle for his little campaign ad.

“In Congress, I’ll protect your right to bear arms, because it’s my right, too,” adds Quists before shooting an old television set playing his Republican opponent Greg Gianforte’s ad. “I won’t stand by while a millionaire from New Jersey tries to attack my Montana values.”

Quist, running in the special election race for Montana’s lone seat in the House of Representatives, made several gun safety faux pas while loading and shooting his family’s rifle in a new campaign advertisement.

The Montana candidate promised to protect his potential constituents’ right to bear arms in the new video, shooting at what appeared to be an opposition ad displaying his picture.

Quist’s show of solidarity with gun owners, however, contained “some pretty egregious gun safety violations,” according to the head of a Montana gun group. [Source: Washington Free Beacon]

“Mr. Quist is obviously not very familiar with firearms,” said Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) President Gary Marbut. “He does commit some pretty egregious gun safety violations that would not be committed by any 13-year-old kid who had graduated from a Hunter’s Safety course. This tells me that the firearms video is just staged to impress people, but that’s not really who he is.”

Marbut noted that Quist “had his finger on the trigger when he wasn’t prepared to shoot” and also pointed his rifle at the cameraman. “All that shows that he’s just not familiar with firearms and he needs to learn more about gun safety,” added the MSSA President.

Gianforte did a better job adhering to safety rules when he shot a gun in his ad “Grab” by keeping his finger off the trigger guard when he was not shooting and by wearing eye protection.

Quist’s “Montana values” were also called into question last week when it was revealed that he and his daughter are regular performers at a popular nudist resort in Idaho. It looks like Quist is giving the old adage “fake it till you make it” a go, but it’s showing few signs of actually working since he was led by Gianforte in a recent poll by a whole 15 points.

Democrats eager for a win might have to wait just a bit longer. A new poll from Emerson College showed the Montana special election to replace Rep. Ryan Zinke – President Trump’s new Interior Secretary – is not as close as Democrats might have hoped.

Republican Greg Gianforte leads Democrat Rob Quist by 15 percentage points, 52-37. The results mirror a Gravis Marketing poll conducted earlier this month that showed Gianforte with a 12-point lead. [Source: NTK]

We can chalk this one up to yet another Democrat politician pretending to be someone they’re so obviously not in a shameless bid to get elected. It appears that Montana voters have already largely seen through Quist’s charade and do not plan to vote for him. Luckily for the nudists at Sun Meadow Resort, it doesn’t look like they’ll be losing their entertainment anytime soon.

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