After One Deputy Shot Dead, Video Proves #BLM Are LYING Race Baiters

The Black Lives Matter movement wants Americans to believe that all cops are corrupt and hate black people. They want Americans to be afraid to vote for certain candidates, spreading the lie that the resulting racial tensions will divide our country. As a young Deputy lost his life by gunfire over the weekend, a new video proves Black Lives Matter activists are a bunch of lying haters, as one black community’s words destroy the BLM narrative.

Deputy Carl Koontz and his family_1458502016695_34460050_ver1.0_640_480
Deputy Carl Koontz, wife Cassie and son Noah.

Cops go to work every day, not knowing if they will come home. If that reality is not hard enough, they have Black Lives Matter protesters constantly saying they are all out to shoot blacks. A reminder of this happened this weekend, and now, Deputy Carl Koontz, 27, is dead, killed in the line of duty in Russiaville, Indiana. He was a husband and a father to a baby boy, just eight months old.

Following this tragic event, it’s the perfect timing for the release of this new video by film maker Ami Horowitz. Horowitz goes into Brooklyn to talk to liberal hipsters, and then, he goes to the black and Latino community of East Harlem to get their take on cops:

“We’re becoming a police state and they do whatever the hell they want,” one man says to Horowitz.

“Do you think that there’s institutional racism in the police departments?” Horowitz asks another man.

“Yes, absolutely. Not just in New York, nationwide.” the man responds. “Not just in the police departments, in the country itself.”

The video continues to show Harlem residents sharing positive police stories. One women says taking away “stop-and-frisk” “really did put more people in danger.”

“When is everybody going to come to their senses and realize we all matter?” one woman said.

“I pray for the NYPD everyday,” another woman says, as the video abruptly concludes. — via Breitbart News

The rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter movement does not speak for all black communities, and this means their whole organization is a made up leftist device to create racial tension. Ironically, the funding for Black Lives Matter comes from corrupt businessman George Soros, who is also behind anti-Trump protests across the country.

Last January, The Washington Times exposed that leftist billionaire George Soros gave more than $30 million in seed money to Black Lives Matter affiliated groups. As people fear that Trump protesters show our country is divided, take one look at this video, and it proves it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Deputy Carl Koontz was shot by a white guy, and the only conspiracy is the terrorism these far leftist groups are perpetrating on the American people. The lie of the left is to make regular middle class Americans believe these tensions in the streets are a grassroots movement. It is all funded, all paid for, and it will disappear when Americans realize these games, vote their minds, and take this country back away from the corrupt leftists.

[h/t Fox News]

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