Pompous Designer Furious When Refusing To Dress Melania Backfires BIG TIME

A famed American clothing designer has his hands full after a few remarks he made on The View. Unfortunately for him, he must not have thought before he spoke when saying that he wouldn’t make any clothing for Melania Trump – and boy did it blow up in his face big time.

Tom Ford recently stopped by the left-leaning talk show for some free publicity, but he actually ended up putting his foot in his mouth instead. As it turns out, the designer said that he wouldn’t dress the future First Lady because she wasn’t his “image” and that his clothing was “too expensive” for her.

Pompous Designer Furious When Refusing To Dress Melania Backfires BIG TIME
Tom Ford

Host Joy Behar kicked off the segment by asking, “We’ve got a new first lady, Melania Trump, and she’s quite beautiful, and she’s thin. She’s gonna look great in [your] clothes, no?” Hoping to learn if Ford would consider working with the former model or had a strict ban, she got her answer after a brief pause in Ford’s expression.

“I don’t know. I was asked to dress her quite a few years ago and I declined,” he responded. “She’s not necessarily my image.” Trying to cushion the blow, he then went on to add that his clothes are “too expensive” for a first lady to wear because they have to “relate to everybody.”

However, it seems that his remarks have just backfired big time, and the social media firestorm is the least of his concern. As it turns out, his clothes weren’t “too expensive” when he made a gown for Michelle Obama back in 2011 for her visit with the Queen of England.

Pompous Designer Furious When Refusing To Dress Melania Backfires BIG TIME
The “too expensive” dress that Tom Ford made for Michelle Obama

Furthermore, people are begging to know how Michelle seems to fit this fictitious image when Melania does not. Then again, Ford may actually be doing the future First Lady a favor as people say that the dress he made Michelle looks to be nothing more than a sheet wrapped around her body.

Seeing how Melania can clearly dress herself better than what Ford puts out there for his customers, it doesn’t look like she’s going to be missing out on anything. Furthermore, with his clothes costing an average of $5,000 apiece and his most expensive custom garments running up five figures, one can only wonder why the phrase “too expensive” even came up.

Pompous Designer Furious When Refusing To Dress Melania Backfires BIG TIME

Why is it that Ford’s clothing isn’t “too expensive” for the woman whose husband makes $400,000 a year but is for the other whose husband brings in $500 million. Sadly, just like so many others in the nation, there seems to be some bias here – but that’s not going to keep a woman like Melania down.

After all, Melania looks much better on her average day than Michelle ever did on her best day in the White House. Unfortunately for Ford, his needless and ill-founded bias is only going to cost him in the long run, but that’s what you get when you follow the liberal carrot on a stick. We’ll just see what the next few days brings him as he continues to face severe rebuke for his words. In the meantime, we know where Melania will be headed in spite of morons like this.