Designers Who Refused To Dress Melania Humiliated As Devious Plans IMPLODE

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The leftist media has been gloating for weeks now as several clothing designers have come forward saying they would not dress Melania Trump for her husband’s inauguration. Unfortunately for them, it looks like their plans just spectacularly backfired — and now, they’re absolutely embarrassed for just one reason.

Mad World News previously reported on the difficulty Melania was rumored to be having when it comes to finding famed designers to make her clothing, according to the mainstream media. However, as we learned throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, the liberal media can be deceiving, and that certainly seems to be the case with this situation.

Designers Who Refused To Dress Melania Humiliated As Devious Plans IMPLODE
Melania Trump

As Breitbart reports, “A number of iconic fashion designers are reportedly chomping at the bit for the chance to dress future First Lady Melania Trump for Inauguration Day.” Outlined in a poll taken by New York socialite, philanthropist, and Trump family friend, Jean Shafiroff – who also happens to sit on the Couture Council of The Museum at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology – there is actually a long list of people hoping to be chosen for the job.

Among those looking to fill the position are Zac Posen, B. Michael America, Victor de Souza, and Zang To. “Any designer who dresses her will get enormous press,” Shafiroff later added. However, the list doesn’t even end there:

Designer Stefano Gabbana, co-founder of fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, has proudly posted photos on his Instagram of Mrs. Trump wearing his clothing. The photos caused a stir on social media, and Gabbana fired back at critics threatening to boycott his designs.

“How many stupid and ignorant people r on Instagram!!!” Gabbana wrote back in one of several comments taking aim at the negative posters. “Please if you don’t like my post unfollow me… thank you.”

Last month, designer Calvin Klein said “of course” he would dress Melania Trump.

“She’s beautiful,” the designer told TMZ. [Source: Breitbart]

Too bad for those who refused to dress Melania, they’ll get to enjoy no such benefit – and in such, they won’t get a natural boost in business either. When it comes down to it, this is America, and we are free to express our opinions and refuse service to anyone (so long as it doesn’t violate discriminatory laws). However, this just violates the most basic forms of common sense.

After all, America is strongly rooted in capitalism. Therefore, it only stands to reason that alienating half the nation (those of who voted for Donald Trump) would only hurt the company’s bottom line and, more specifically, the money that goes into the business owner’s pockets. In the end, liberals are about as nearsighted as they come, allowing for emotion to dictate rather than logic. Maybe they should stop running to their safe spaces and start using their brains more — they might do a little better that way.