Detroit Passes Bullet Tax And Mental Health Check To Purchase Ammo

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One way liberals think they can get around the right to keep and bear arms is to go after the ammunition. They may not be able to ban guns as they want, but they believe they can starve those firearms by making it hard to feed them. A gun with no bullets is just an expensive paperweight.

The City of Detroit has passed a resolution that would impose a tax on bullets as well as a mental health background check to purchase ammo. WJBK reports that the Detroit City Council unanimously passed what they call the “Bullet Bill” and here’s what this “assault legislation” does:

The resolution limits ammunition amounts that can be bought while requiring a mental health background check on buyers of ammo in Wayne County.

As part of a proposed Wayne County “Bullet Bill” ordinance, additional county taxes would be imposed on the purchase of ammunition with revenue going to assist victims of gun violence and educational programs with a focus on conflict resolution, administrative costs.

This unconstitutional resolution was the brainchild of Commissioner Reggie Reg Davis who actually believes a law that only targets law-abiding people will stop criminals from doing evil things. And yes, his name really is “Reggie Reg” which is presumably the Detroit version of Flavor Flav.

“It has to stop. We must stop this. We can’t continue to be a killing field,” said Davis.

Davis worked on this resolution with Detroit City Council member Andre Spivey. Proving that no amount of gun control is ever enough, Spivey hinted at his slippery slope approach to infringing on people’s rights.

“It’s a start but we’ve got a long way to go,” said Spivey.

That sure sound like some civilian disarmament talk, doesn’t it? First, it’s the bullet tax, then it’s the gun bans, and finally comes the confiscation. That does seem like a long way to go, but when Democrats are running the show, it’s closer than you think.

In some twisted liberal logic, Davis claims that this bill will actually strengthen people’s gun ownership rights.

“We are not attempting to destroy your right to bear arms. (We want to) put taxes on that ammunition and use those funds to teach urban American folk about the importance of bearing arms and how to become a responsible gun owner,” said Davis.

Imposing unreasonable taxes and regulations will only put gun ownership out of reach for many of the poor citizens of Detroit. The criminals will be fine, but people who can barely afford to pay the water bill will not be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, and that’s actually the point of this.

Neither the news nor these two anti-gun elected officials would say how much tax they are imposing on ammunition, but it doesn’t matter because anything is too much. Also, the mental health background check is going to cost ammo buyers in the form of a fee, so in reality, it’s two taxes on bullets.

One confusing thing about this is that the news reports the Detroit City Council passed this bill, but it applies to the all of Wayne County. Detroit is the seat of Wayne County, but the county has its own set of Commissioners that pass county-wide ordinances. How is Detroit able to impose its will on the entire county?

Apparently, a lack of jurisdictional authority is something that doesn’t concern Davis or Spivey. The two have dreams of making their “Bullet Bill” a national law. Maybe Detroit City Council members can dictate laws for the county but they definitely aren’t allowed to draft and pass federal legislation.

Besides the unconstitutional issues, there is another huge problem with the “Bullet Bill.” This law doesn’t exist for all of Michigan, so Detroiters can just drive over to a neighboring county and buy ammunition without having to pay additional taxes and fees.

The “Bullet Bill” hits the trifecta of all liberal legislation: it’s ineffective, costly, and restricts peoples rights. This resolution will not save even one life and won’t stop a single shooting in Detroit, but it will start a thriving ammunition business just across Wayne County line.

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