Outrage Sweeps Detroit as Food Truck Owner Reveals How They Treat Police Officers

In Detroit, Michigan, a food truck owner made waves when they instituted a new policy towards police officers. They took to Facebook to explain how they are treating the one group dedicated to keeping citizens safe. It has some residents upset and demanding answers.

A local food truck owner shocked residents when their policy towards police officers was revealed. (Photo Credit: Rocky’s Road Brew/Facebook)

Is there a city more in need of good cops, than Detroit? Well, Chicago gives it a run for its money. But for decades Detroit has been the poster child of rampant crime and violence for all of America.

The only thing that prevents cities like Detroit from plunging into chaos are the hard-working men and women in blue. Detroit police, while not perfect, dedicate their lives to ensuring that residents are safe. They work long hours for low pay, facing some of the worst domestic conditions imaginable, all so that Detroit citizens can sleep safely.

But — as in so many other liberal-run regions in America — police in Detroit face shocking amounts of hate and persecution. Thanks to the dishonest media, cops across the country are portrayed as cruel, uncaring, and eager to inflict violence. These false depictions have turned numerous Americans against the very people they should be relying on.

Groups like Black Lives Matter only add fuel to the fire. They take the limited instances where bad cops are exposed and exaggerate them. All to make citizens mistrustful and downright hateful of their local cops.

In Detroit, it’s gotten so bad that even a local food truck imposed a terrible policy against cops. When a group of officers arrived at the truck for some coffee, the owner outright refused to serve them. After they asked why, she let them know that she doesn’t serve cops.

A food truck owner in Detroit, Michigan reportedly said she won’t serve police officers or other law enforcement officials because she, along with the “majority” of her customers, “do not feel safe around law enforcement agents.”

The owner of Rocky’s Road Brew, Rocky Coronado, wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post on Friday that she is “well within [her] rights to refuse service to law enforcement agents,” such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement and local police officers.

The truck owner detailed in a separate post that she turned away two officers on Friday who were “in a unmarked, black suburban with tinted windows both with bulletproof vests and badges.”

The officers, according to Coronado, circled back around with a third person after being told the food truck was closed, and asked why they weren’t served.

“Not feeling confrontational, I meekly told her that I don’t serve law enforcement,” the owner wrote.

An officer allegedly said she was with the Michigan Humane Society, and “quickly became belligerent.” [Source: Fox News]

It’s interesting how she added in Immigration and Customs Enforcement to the list of officers she refuses to serve. This has more to do with just someone who doesn’t like cops. This is a liberal who has drunk the left-wing media’s Kool-Aid.

She is putting illegal aliens ahead of American citizens — if she refuses to serve ICE officers. She claims her customers “don’t feel safe” around them. Really? Why should American citizens not feel safe around ICE agents? They have no reason to fear them unless they aren’t U.S. citizens.

Why would law-abiding citizens not feel safe around cops? There’s no reason to fear the police. If you’re obeying the law, cops can’t do anything to harm you. But if you regularly do things that would get you in trouble, then you might not want to be around cops.

Is this food truck owner admitting she serves criminals?

Regardless of the reasoning, this “policy” is appalling. This woman has decided the very people who keep her city safe don’t deserve her products. But what happens if/when she is attacked while working? What if her food truck is broken into, or she is robbed at gunpoint? I’m sure then she is going to demand that the police look into her problem.

It’s typical of the left. They love to trash the very people who make it possible for them to thrive.

News of her policy did not sit well with the community.

The Michigan Humane Society, which provides animal welfare and sheltering services to the metropolitan Detroit area, did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig told The Detroit News that his officers find the business owner to be “uncooperative” with the department.

“Generally speaking, we have good relations in that neighborhood, but my officers tell me whenever they’ve been in that area investigating criminal matters, she’s been uncooperative and rude,” Craig said.

The Facebook post said that “because of the madness” and backlash the posts have received, Rocky’s Road Brew temporarily will be closed. [Source: Fox News]

Seems like local customers aren’t too happy about how this food truck was treating cops. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have felt the need to close up. Much like in the case of the restaurant that denied Sarah Sanders, this woman is learning that hard way that Americans don’t appreciate unjustified discrimination of good people.

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