“If I Were The Devil” Predictions From 1965 Have Come True For America

Paul Harvey, born in 1918, was a godly man and a radio commentator. His voice was the perfect radio voice – baritone with the right inflection. Harvey, reporting on American society, was born at the end of World War I. He saw the evils of World War II, Vietnam, and the rise of Communism.

Harvey never said he could predict or see the future, but when one lives and reports on culture and society, they start to see the patterns. You begin to see the change in your country, away from God, and toward the godless. You see things that other Americans, who are so busy working 40 to 60 hours a week, do not see.

Harvey deduced from all his years of watching the movers and shakers of the world, what would come next. It was not a crystal ball or a voice from heaven giving him a message. No, if you live long enough and your job involves reporting on the culture, politics, and economy, you develop instincts. If you are a man of God, you take the brain He gave you, and bringing all that past knowledge together, you can predict what will come next.

Paul Harvey’s most famous piece “If I Were The Devil” has circulated around the Internet. As America slips more into hedonistic lifestyles, what is right is now wrong, and wrong is now right.

All the plans of men come to nothing without God. Paul Harvey did, in some way, see exactly into the future. With his experiences, he saw the wave of change hitting the shores of America. Harvey wrote “If I Were The Devil” in 1964, broadcasting it in 1965 – fifty years ago. In 1996, almost 20 years ago, he revised his piece, keeping the same flow, but adding more current events that had evolved his predictions from his experience, and becoming the version most are familiar with today.

This country was founded as One Nation, Under God. Today, saying that is forbidden, it’s hate speech, it excludes those who do not believe in God. Barack Obama has attacked Christians, and Christians are forced to go against their faith to participate in many situations which God forbids. “Bake the cake” comes to mind, but that’s just one small example.

Obama has focused on the Catholic Church, mandating that they go against their faith and provide insurance for birth control and abortions at their schools and hospitals. These are acts Catholics see as mortal sins. The same goes for any Christian institution or business, which cannot decline gay couples services related to do their “marriage” ceremonies. Obama and his regime figure if they can crush the Catholic Church, all other Christian Churches will follow suit.

When talking about people’s faith, this regime in Washington is mistaken. The first century martyrs sang while being led into the Coliseum to meet the lions.

The government in America wants to be our god. Obama is the first president mandating Americans go against their conscience. Obama has mandated Christians sin, put their souls in peril, or suffer going to jail.

Paul Harvey did not have a crystal ball. He was a man who paid attention to the “signs of the times,” and that was in 1965. What would Paul Harvey say about the future of America today?

Harvey would sadly see his predictions have come to pass, and America is now a godless nation. The next step in the course of humanity is some form of chastisement or destruction. These things are not set in stone. Americans can turn away from this hedonistic society and return to God. Let us pray Americans wake up and turn away from the dictates and dictators who are in control.

Return to God, before it’s too late.

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