[Video] Beware! Devious Woman Helps Victimize Men With One Item Sold Online

Just when we thought that morality in our society had already hit rock bottom, here comes another story of devious treachery, proving how low some people will go in order to make an easy buck. A woman in Florida has come up with a plan to pay her bills, and she gives zero cares about the victims of her diabolical scheme as she sells one item online, knowing it’s being used against unsuspecting men.

Each of us wants to believe that the person we’ve chosen to spend time with is worthy of our affection and trust. Unfortunately, honesty and honor are traits that seem to be rejected far too often in our current social environment in favor of manipulation that brings about personal gain. There are too many people who want what they want, and they want it now, regardless of what is “right” or “true.”

Recently, one woman in Florida hatched a plan to create a financial boon for herself by playing on the emotional responses of unwitting victims. She decided to sell her hormone saturated urine on Craigslist so that women can trick their sexual partners into believing that they are pregnant.

The woman from Jacksonville, who, as of now, remains anonymous, is six months pregnant and decided it would be a good idea to sell positive pregnancy tests to other women, “no questions asked,” on a popular website. In her Craigslist ad, she offered her urine for $30 per test so that her customers could convince their partners that they had a bun in the oven and manipulate them in whatever way they choose — probably into a forced marriage or a monetary payoff.

An undercover news reporter responded to that ad and met the woman at a place where the pregnant female excused herself to pee on the stick, previously purchased by the reporter, and emerged a few minutes later with the positive pregnancy test. That’s when she was confronted by the cameras and apparently was granted the anonymity that she definitely does not deserve.

The pregnant woman, who is making bank by selling her pee to hoodwink others, claimed she’s just trying to pay for a college degree. However, it’s obvious that she doesn’t care about the backlash in other people’s lives that will result from her lazy greed. She wrote in her ad, “Very self-explanatory I am going on 6 months. Whether you are using it for your own amusement such as a prank, or to blackmail the CEO of Apple who you are having an affair with, I don’t care at all.

Women may not be the only ones to benefit from this trickery. Although it would be much more difficult to accomplish, a man might also use the purchased pee sticks to trick a woman into thinking she was pregnant by switching the same brand when she was distracted as they awaited the “results” together.

First-hand verification is the only true way to know if someone you’re involved with is being completely honest. If you have sons, brothers, daughters, sisters, or if you might be in a situation yourself, where you might fall victim to a scheme such as the one this woman is advocating, please follow the sage advice of “trust, but verify.” If anyone is adverse to a second, “eyes-on” pregnancy test, then you might want to question their honesty, and while you’re at it, check their computer’s history for a visit to Craigslist.

[h/t ABC 13]

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