Viewers Notice Disgusting Detail Edited Into Trump’s Speech — Did You Catch It?

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Despite the endless tantrums and gnashing of teeth coming from liberals over the proposed border wall, President Donald Trump on Thursday declared that he will “almost definitely” declare a national emergency in order to get the wall built — a clever maneuver that will allow him to bypass Congress for the sake of national security. Now, Democrats are taking their vitriol to an entirely new level, after what the liberal media was just busted doing on two separate occasions this week on live television.

President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Whenever liberals disagree with President Trump, it doesn’t take long for their propaganda machine to kick into high gear, where the mouthpieces of CNN and other networks will begin spewing their lies over the airwaves. The first incident occurred on Wednesday, after Fox affiliate Q13 (KCPQ-TV) in Seattle decided to doctor a video of President Trump’s Oval Office address, where they monkeyed with the footage to make Trump appear to have an orange and disfigured face. But that wasn’t all.

President Donald Trump in an edited video with his mouth distorted (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

The video starts with an excerpt of Trump giving his address. However, his face is made to look orange colored and his mouth has been distorted with video software. When the Q13 anchor starts talking near the end of the clip, the video of Trump is further altered so that he is repeatedly licking his lips with an exaggerated large tongue.

Below is a short video where you can compare the original video with the doctored one:

The comparison reveals that the Seattle station had created a loop of President Donald Trump licking his lips, which made it seem incredibly bizarre to viewers. Trump’s face was grotesquely distorted not only with a glowing Oompa Loompa tone, but his lips also appear to be abnormally huge.

After being called out for the deceptive editing, the news station has fired the person responsible for editing the video after they conducted an internal investigation.

“We’ve completed our investigation into this incident and determined that the actions were the result of an individual editor whose employment has been terminated,” said Q13’s news director in a Thursday update.

“This does not meet our editorial standards and we regret if it is seen as portraying the President in a negative light,” Q13 told KTTH and MyNorthwest on Wednesday evening.

If that wasn’t enough childish antics to make you feel like you’re tuning into Sesame Street, your blood will boil when you hear what happened on CNN while the issue of dead Americans being killed by illegals was being discussed by the panel of guests.

CNN personality Ana Navarro decided to show viewers exactly what she thought of deceased Americans, rolling her eyes, and then pulling out a file to do her nails, as conservative guest Steve Cortes lamented about innocent Americans perishing at the hands of illegals, who liberals are so hell-bent on allowing to flood our country.

“You can do your nails. You know who can’t do their nails are people killed by illegal aliens who’ve been allowed to stay in this country because of leftist policies that people like you promote in so-called sanctuary cities,” a bewildered Steve Cortes told her.

Navarro appeared furious over the audacity of the conservative pundit to correct her, and she started screaming that she didn’t care what he had to say. Here’s the fiery exchange:

The masks are truly off at this point, and Democrats are showing us just how black their souls truly are. If they’re willing to propagandize Americans with edited videos and act so callously towards murdered Americans, is there anything they won’t do in order to get their way?

Thankfully, we have a president with brazen balls, and he doesn’t care about their ongoing antics. At the end of the day, he is going to pull out all the stops in order to get our wall built and protect our country.

It will be interesting to see how things play out in the coming days. As always, we should keep our President in our prayers, as he’ll soon be contending with the full wrath of these belligerent politicians and talking heads, and who knows just how low they’re willing to go in order to get their way.