Disney Director Brags About Orgasming As ‘100 Pubescent Girls Touch Themselves’

Sadly, Disney is seemingly full of pedophiles and sexual deviants. Case in point: Disney director James Gunn, the Marvel filmmaker, was just discovered bragging about orgasming to a video that purported to show “100 pubescent girls” who “touch themselves.”

Film director James Gunn attends a keynote discussion about building worlds across entertainment mediums during the Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 coliseum at the Novo LA Live on June 13, 2017, in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

In a since-deleted 2010 blog post titled “Video: 100 Pubescent Girls Touch Themselves,” Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn wrote, “Huston Huddleston posted this video on my Facebook page with the note ‘I thought you’d appreciate this.’ My response: ‘Appreciate it?!! I just came all over my own face!!'”

According to Breitbart, the Huston Huddleston whom Gunn says sent him the video is registered sex offender Huston Huddleston, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to one count of possessing child pornography.

Huston Huddleston, the Los Angeles man who years ago announced that he had “saved the bridge” of a discarded Enterprise-D touring set, has now pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child pornography. The other criminal charges pending against him were dismissed during a Wednesday court hearing.

Huddleston was sentenced to time served (63 days in custody, plus 63 days for good behavior), three years probation, and he now has to register as a sex offender beginning in September 2018. [Source: Ars]

The actual contents of the video Gunn and Huddleston were so enthralled with were not able to be confirmed, as the footage was not available in archived versions of the blog post. However, we can assume because of Huddleston’s affinity for child pornography that the video was possibly a depiction of exactly what the title claimed: “100 Pubescent Girls Touch Themselves.”

Commenters posting about the video seemed to further confirm that it was a pedophile’s dream. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“The cancer victim at 0:33 killed my boner for me unfortunately.”

“[T]his video probably serviced a lot of child molesters for two minutes.”

“Why do I think that this is the final straw that gets me drop-kicked straight into hell?”

Twitter users also recently discovered several other sickening posts from Gunn, including one about a monkey that “jerked off” on a child, one about high school kids masturbating “in front of the others to show how fun it is,” and one about his alleged experience doing a “reading with a convicted pedophile.” Gunn also said he wants to make a “Hollywood film adaptation of The Giving Tree with a happy ending – the tree grows back and gives the kid a blowjob.”

After widespread backlash ensued, Gunn released an unapologetic statement. “Many people who have followed my career know when I started, I viewed myself as a provocateur, making movies and telling jokes that were outrageous and taboo. As I have discussed publicly many times, as I’ve developed as a person, so has my work and my humor. It’s not to say I’m better, but I am very, very different than I was a few years ago; today I try to root my work in love and connection and less in anger. My days saying something just because it’s shocking and trying to get a reaction are over,” he said.

“In the past, I have apologized for humor of mine that hurt people. I truly felt sorry and meant every word of my apologies,” he continued. “For the record, when I made these shocking jokes, I wasn’t living them out. I know this is a weird statement to make, and seems obvious, but, still, here I am, saying it. Anyway, that’s the completely honest truth: I used to make a lot of offensive jokes. I don’t anymore. I don’t blame my past self for this, but I like myself more and feel like a more full human being and creator today. Love you to you all.”

So, at worst, James Gunn is a pedophile of the worst kind. At best, he thinks pedophilia is something to be joked about, even though it is an epidemic which strips children of their innocence for the sexual gratification of sadistic, deviant adults who cannot control their sick fantasies. Either way, he is a despicable human being.

Time will tell whether the entertainment industry collectively does the right thing in this case and refuses to hire Gunn in the future. For a company like Disney, which purports to be family-oriented, this should be a no-brainer. Gunn should never be allowed to step foot on another set, especially because on nearly all of Disney’s sets, children are present in some capacity.

Hopefully, the company makes the right decision. However, the fact that Disney has become little more than a breeding ground for pedophiles doesn’t leave us very hopeful.

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