Disney World Worker Missing For Years, Cops Just Made Grisly Discovery In His Home

Michael Shaver, a former Disney World monorail mechanic, has been missing for three years since 2015. However, police have only been searching for him for a month, and the grisly discovery they just made at his home in Orlando has people horrified and shocked.

Michael Shaver, a former Disney World monorail mechanic, has been missing since 2015. (Photo Credit: Lake County Sheriff’s Office/Evan Wohrman/Flickr)

Missing person cases happen all the time. If reported promptly, police often find the loved one. Sadly, that’s not always the case. When too much time passes, law enforcement isn’t able to find them in time, and many investigations end in tragedy. Such seems to be the case for Michael Shaver.

Michael Shaver worked at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. According to reports, he was one of their monorail mechanics. Shaver lived in the area with his wife, Laurie, with family nearby. In 2015, he went missing. Surprisingly, the family did not report the troubling situation to the police. Their reason has people baffled and suspicious.

Only a month ago did they report Shaver’s disappearance. Despite the long delay, authorities began their search. It didn’t take them long to discover disturbing evidence, however. Digging through the Shaver’s home, they found a suspicious addition to the backyard. After obtaining a warrant, they found a possible answer to where Michael has been all this time.

Authorities in Florida have uncovered human remains in the backyard of a Walt Disney World monorail mechanic who disappeared three years ago.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that investigators recovered an upper arm bone at the home of Michael Shaver on Friday and found additional bones on Saturday. The paper’s report added that the bones were found under a lump of concrete on an outdoor fire pit.

Lake County Sheriff’s Lt. John Herrell told the Sentinel that detectives had also uncovered articles of clothing. The remains have been sent to the medical examiner’s office for identification. [Source: Fox News]

According to reports, Michael’s wife Laurie was not wholly cooperative with police. This motivated them to acquire a warrant and begin a thorough search of their property.

Officials went to check on Shaver in his home in unincorporated Lake County south of Clermont on Feb. 16. His wife, 35-year-old Laurie Shaver, said she had not heard from her husband since 2015 and allowed investigators to search the home.

They noticed what seemed like a fresh layer of concrete had been dumped near the pit, and asked Laurie Shaver for permission to bring a cadaver dog. She refused and asked for an attorney, but authorities obtained a warrant and searched the home. [Source: The Orlando Sentinel]

The remains have yet to be identified. But, it’s troubling news, regardless. Normally you don’t find a dead body in someone’s backyard — unless, of course, someone has been killed. It’s very likely that Michael Shaver was killed three years ago and buried in his own home. The question is what happened — and why did it take so long for authorities to find out?

Michael Shaver’s older sister, Stacie Shaver, 46, said the family had been trying to find her brother but didn’t want to get authorities involved because “we thought we could find him on our own,” she said. [Source: The Orlando Sentinel]

That’s pretty suspicious. Who thinks they can find someone better than the cops? Even if that were true, after a few days of searching, any honest person would go to the police. After three years? Yeah, someone is covering something up.

There are a few possibilities. Perhaps Michael was involved in something he shouldn’t have been. Maybe the family was trying to protect him, due to drug abuse or gambling, but things went bad very quickly, and they tried to cover it up.

Or, perhaps more likely, a domestic dispute turned deadly. Maybe the man was killed at home in an altercation. Out of fear and panic, he was buried in the backyard. The rest of the family was either unaware or complicit in hiding the information.

Then again, those could be somebody else’s remains — which would only be more disturbing. Where is Shaver? Why is there someone else buried in his backyard?

This also casts some shade on Disney World. An employee goes missing, and they do nothing about it? Shouldn’t a manager have started asking questions when Shaver didn’t show up after a few days? How was the family able to cover up his disappearance for so long with no explanation? Surely his employer would have notified police after a few weeks. People don’t just disappear without a trace — unless foul play is involved.

More information will come out, once the remains are identified. Regardless of what police discover, this Laurie Shaver has plenty to answer for. As for the rest of us, it really leaves one to wonder what our own neighbors could be hiding in their backyards.

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