Disturbing Foreplay Leads To Blood Splatter And GRUESOME Climax


When most people think of foreplay, they probably envision a sensual moment of intimacy that leads to a blissful climax. Unfortunately, one guy’s experience didn’t turn out so well. In fact, things happened so fast he probably didn’t even have a chance to think.

What probably began as a loving caress quickly devolved into excruciating pain when he was unexpectedly struck in the neck in a way he never anticipated. Now, he’s lying in a hospital bed and his so-called lover is rotting in a jail cell.

According to The Advocate, Clarence Jay McWilliams stabbed his victimized lover in the neck while giving him a massage. Although the series of events that led to the stabbing are still unclear, the victim reportedly told investigators that he picked up McWilliams, 22, and they returned to his home to begin their night. While engaging in foreplay, McWilliams stopped rubbing the victim’s back, grabbed a knife, and began stabbing him. McWilliams reportedly struck the victim on each side of his neck.

The victim managed to dial 911, but when East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the home, they were met with a particularly gruesome scene. McWilliams and the victim were both covered in blood. The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for his injuries. He reportedly suffered one-inch stab wounds on each side of his neck. McWilliams was also treated at the hospital but later transported to the police headquarters for questioning.

Investigators discovered he was wanted on two active warrants from the Baton Rouge Police Department: theft of a firearm and theft over $500.

Because of the stabbing incident, McWilliams is now facing attempted second-degree murder and the two counts from the active warrants. He has been booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. Regardless of what led to the stabbing, McWilliams definitely needs to suffer the consequences of his actions. This incident could have ended much worse that it actually did. The victim is lucky to be alive.

[Image via EBRSO]