DISTURBING Halloween Décor Leaves Neighbors In UPROAR, Cool Or Creepy?

Halloween Decor

It’s no secret that Halloween decor is made to spook people out. Whether it’s a haunted house, home decorations, or a creepy costume, the goal is to scare the hell out of someone. But, are there times when people take the spirit of Halloween too far?

Apparently, residents in one neighborhood think so, and they aren’t too thrilled about the gruesome display in one family’s front yard. In fact, they’ve even petitioned the city in hopes of forcing the family to take down their Halloween display. According to Cleveland-19, Parma, Ohio residents are outraged over a controversial Halloween display in front of a home in the area. The home, which is reportedly in close proximity of an elementary school, has human-like figures in wrapped in plastic to replicate body bags. In a nutshell, the figures look like dead people hanging from trees.

As expected, small children are terrified and their parents are livid over the seemingly morbid display. Some parents have even stated that their children initially thought the bodies were real. But, of course, it’s all for entertainment purposes only

While the homeowners probably just see the decor as a display of Halloween spirit, it’s easy to see why many residents — especially those with small children — may be offended. The display is a bit of an eyesore for some, but local residents will just have to deal with it for a few more weeks.

According to WPVI, the city has made it clear that nothing can be done because the Halloween decorations are considered “freedom of expression.” Since the homeowners aren’t violating any laws, they’ll only be faced with the disapproval of neighbors.

However, their Halloween decorations have also ruffled the feathers of some social media users who agree with local residents. But, based on all of the tweets about the Halloween debacle, many social media users feel the entire incident is being blown out of proportion.

Here are some of the responses shared via Twitter:


Do you think the Halloween decorations are cool or creepy? Share your thoughts.

[Image(s) via Cleveland 19 Screen Captures]

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