Doctor Sees Blisters On Boy’s Chest, Horrified To Learn Mom’s Sick Secret

Doctor Sees Blisters On Boy’s Chest, Horrified To Learn Mom’s Sick Secret
Tamecha Jean (left), a stock image for a visual representation of a boy with severe burns on his chest (right)

After getting an anonymous tip, police took custody of a 9-year-old boy and brought him to the hospital after hearing what his mother had done. Unfortunately, things would only get worse as doctors examined the boy and found massive blisters on the child’s chest – and that’s when everyone was horrified to learn his mom’s sick secret that she most definitely didn’t want to get out.

It all started when someone close to the family called police in Miami, Florida, prompting a pretty serious investigation. After hearing about abuse of some kind, officers quickly rushed out to the home of 32-year-old Tamecha Jean to see if the claims were true.

Sadly, they were, which prompted police to take custody of the boy and drive him to an area hospital to be looked over and treated. Once there, doctors noticed that the boy’s chest had a significant amount of blistering on it – but, there was something else.

Come to find out, there were burns on the boy’s chest that resembled a very familiar pattern. After some brief questioning, the boy would confirm the doctors’ worst suspicions after telling them that his mother had burnt him with a hot iron twice.

Apparently, after her son forgot to take some papers to school on a few occasions, Jean became so infuriated that she used the hand-held appliance to punish her son. “It’s just outrageous to use a hot iron as a type of punishment,” said Pembroke Pines Police Department Captain Al Xiques. “It seems more like a type of torture.”

Of course, Jean would try to lie her way out of the situation by saying that she was holding the iron while punishing the boy with a belt, claiming that when she swung the belt, she accidentally touched her 9-year-old son with the iron that was in her other hand – but, no one is buying it.

Sadly, things only got worse from there as doctors also found two old scars on the boy’s chest, meaning that this wasn’t the first time Jean had burned her son in this way. As one would imagine, both law enforcement and court officials were downright horrified by the mother’s actions and placed her under arrest on abuse charges.

Along with that, officials allowed CPS to take her 3 children – the two others age 2 and 16 – into custody before trying to keep her in jail during the trial. “I’m sorry, the violence alleged, in this case, is just so aggravating that it completely outweighs any mitigating factors, your honor. I’m going to be requesting a $20,000 bond,” said Prosecutor Eric Linder.

Although things didn’t quite go that way, Judge Christopher Pole made sure Jean wouldn’t be able to see her kids, let alone talk to them, until long after she was sentenced. After releasing her on house arrest with an ankle monitor, the judge informed the disgusting excuse for a mother that she could have no contact with her children.

Unfortunately, since then, restrictions have been raised, allowing for Jean to have supervised visits with two of her kids. As the boy that she burned is rightfully terrified of her, the judge has remained firm in keeping her as far away from him as humanly possible.

Currently, there are no reports on how long this woman may end up behind bars, but hopefully, it’ll be long enough for these kids to get old enough to not need their mother by the time she’s out. One can only imagine what this little boy suffered, but it’s safe to say that no child should ever have to go through this.

Fortunately, Jean should soon be in jail for her disgusting acts, and as we all know, fellow inmates don’t look kindly on those who victimized children. Maybe when she’s locked in a cage, she’ll get to feel what it’s like to play the part of a victim – and my guess is, she’s not going to enjoy what it feels like when the shoe is on the other foot.

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