Doctor Sends Sick Child Home, Hours Later Mom Shares Terrifying Photo To Warn Others

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A 10-year-old girl went to the emergency room after coming down sick in Aurora, Colorado. However, she was sent home. Hours later, though, her mom shared one photo to warn others of a terrifying threat facing us all.

Doctor Sends Sick Child Home, Hours Later Mom Shares Terrifying Photo To Warn Others
Keyona Richardson (Photo Credit: Kristie Richardson/Facebook)

After getting a fever, 10-year-old Keyona Richardson was sent home from school. When Kristie Richardson picked her up, she took one look at her daughter and immediately took her to the emergency room. While she was there, the young girl was diagnosed with pneumonia and was soon sent home.

However, just hours later, her mother would send out a photo over social media of her baby girl fighting for her life with a warning for others.

Kristie explains that the entire situation happened so quickly. “Wednesday the school called and said that she had a fever. I picked her up and took her to an emergency room and she was diagnosed with pneumonia,” Kristie recalled, according to Pix 11.

They then went home, but that night she took Keyona back to the ER at Children’s Hospital Colorado. “I didn’t feel comfortable with the way that she was breathing,” Kristie said.

Doctor Sends Sick Child Home, Hours Later Mom Shares Terrifying Photo To Warn Others
Keyona Richardson (Photo Credit: Kristie Richardson/Facebook)

Only hours after she was diagnosed with pneumonia, Keyona was admitted to the hospital and her health rapidly declined from there. By the next morning, her left lung collapsed, followed by her right lung, struggling too.

“The nurse told me, she said your daughter is as sick as she could possibly be without passing away at this very moment, but we’re going to do all we can to fix it,” recalled Corey Richardson, Keyona’s father.

Posted by Kristie Richardson on Monday, February 5, 2018

Keyona’s pneumonia was a complication derived from the flu. She’s now fighting for her life and needs a machine to breathe. Her mother immediately turned to social media to share a photo of her daughter with one purpose in mind — to warn others about how fast the flu can hit.

“Had we waited, we wouldn’t have my daughter,” Kristie said. “I never knew the flu could do this.” The young girl is now on an ECMO machine. “It is life support,” Kristie explained, according to Fox 31. “It acts as an artificial lung.”

“I think this is just a really potent reminder of just how devastating influenza can be,” explained Dr. Suchitra Rao at Children’s Hospital Colorado. “Flu is severe. There’s a lot more hospitalizations now than we have seen in the past. For example in Colorado hospitalizations are up 227%. So, just in our hospital alone, we’ve seen over 300 children admitted for flu.”

Keyona was able to tolerate degassing overnight! I couldn't sleep so I came down to her room to read to her. She was…

Posted by Kristie Richardson on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Although Keyona isn’t out of the woods, she’s making remarkable strides to recovery. In fact, Kristie shared through a Facebook post that Keyona’s doctors are going to attempt to remove the ECMO machine. “I will do an update after rounds but the working plan is to attempt to decannulate the ECMO machine today,” she revealed, but it’s not all good news.

“This process involves turning ECMO off & pulling the tubes out of her heart & neck. The risk to this is very high as she is still on a ventilator and not breathing on her own. Coupled with a massive amount of blood thinners. Caution has to be taken due to the risk of bleeding out,” she added

Keyona still has a long road ahead, but her parents and doctors are hopeful. It’s truly terrifying to think that you can have a simple fever one minute and be fighting for your life the next. Kristie has shared this very scary and personal circumstance that her family is facing solely to help others take the proper precautions if they or someone they love falls ill. Don’t hesitate to go see your doctor or go to the hospital if something seems wrong — as Keyona has proven, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and every second matters in cases like hers.