Viral Video Exposes Doctor’s Sick Deed Just Moments After Patient’s Surgery

CCTV footage captured the sick act a doctor performed just moments after his patient’s surgery.

A video, captured on surveillance footage from a crowded operating room where a patient had just undergone surgery, is going viral today after what was seen in the disturbing footage. Just moments after the unidentified patient’s surgery was complete, the doctor who had just operated on him performed a sick act while other members of the medical staff looked on in horror.

The doctor in question believed that one of the nurses attending the operation, who also happens to be his girlfriend, had violated protocol during the procedure. When she denied having done so, a violent fight broke out, which saw the doctor punching his lover repeatedly in the face. It all unfolded at the Lankao County Hospital, in Central China’s Henan Province.

CCTV footage shows the pair rowing immediately after the surgery, just after the patient was wheeled out of the room.

The nurse appears to strike first [after the doctor threw his dirty gloves at her], hitting her doctor boyfriend who is still fully kitted in his scrubs.

But he quickly retaliates and ends up punching his lover numerous times in the head until she collapses on the floor. [Source: Mirror]

Eventually, other staff members intervened and carried the injured nurse away as her doctor boyfriend backed off. What’s worse, a conflicting report from Shanghaiist suggests the surgery may still have been in progress at the time of the brawl.

Footage of a man battering a woman is always hard to watch, but there is another element to this particular video, which makes it doubly shocking. The incident unfolded in an operating room, perhaps the last place you would expect to see such an assault. If a medical professional cannot be trusted to keep their cool in the operating room, they simply have no business performing surgery.

Patients have a reasonable expectation that proper decorum will be maintained while they are unconscious. What this doctor did was so far beyond the pale that he should lose his medical license entirely. However, the hospital where he works has responded by brushing the incident aside as a simple lovers’ quarrel, which may be the most concerning part of the already disturbing story.

The video clip has received more than four million views on social media, and it isn’t difficult to see why. People feel compelled to share the footage when they witness its gravity, and even more so when they learn that the doctor still has his job. One shudders to think what this man is capable of behind closed doors if he was willing to assault his coworker in plain view of his colleagues.

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