Doctor Claims Smoking Cannabis Is Harmful, Suggests Odd New Way To Use It

Mikhail Kogan (right) wants to discourage cannabis smoking (inset) in favor of an alternative method of use.

With the decriminalizing of cannabis on the rise in several states and its acceptance gaining popularity, doctors are having to reevaluate how they suggest patients use the plant. However, one creepy doctor, who now claims that cannabis can be harmful when smoked, has an odd new suggestion on how you can reap all the benefits of the drug without actually smoking it.

Without delving into the legality of the use of marijuana, doctors are finally beginning to admit that it has some medical benefits while also being harmful in some ways, like most drugs. As Mikhail Kogan, medical director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University, says, smoking any substance is detrimental to the lungs.

As the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse explains, “Smoking cannabis may be even more harmful to a person’s airways and lungs than smoking tobacco since cannabis smoking often involves unfiltered smoke, larger puffs, deeper inhalation, and longer breath holding.” However, Kogan is not saying you shouldn’t put cannabis in your body, he’s just suggesting you don’t smoke it. He thinks he has a better way for users to reap the benefits.

Cannabis being held at a medical dispensary.

Although smoking is the most popular way for humans to consume marijuana, there are other ways that, according to Kogan, are more beneficial and less damaging to the lungs. In fact, Dr. Kogan suggests you put it up your rectum. As Kogan told the Canadian Press, “You can put a lot more [in] and it gets absorbed a lot better, but not everybody is open to this way of administration.”  You think? Cannabis suppositories anyone?

Surprisingly, Kogan isn’t the only one making such an absurd suggestion. A British Columbia Canada-based dispensary is also suggesting a suppository of cannabis. Apparently, by putting the drug up the rectum, a seriously ill patient can take extremely large doses of the drug without the detrimental lung effects of smoking it.

Although drug administration via rectal suppository isn’t all that uncommon, it’s not usually a street drug being administered in such a way. Furthermore, it’s usually done in a processed form to make insertion easier, which can’t be said of the leafy cannabis that’s usually smoked.

This option still isn’t popular, and for all the right reasons. Although the benefits of cannabis can be seen in the treatment of some ailments, it’s probably in a human being’s best interest to make sure a doctor recommends it as such. However, now there are doctors like Kogan actually suggesting we put street drugs in our butts.

Please use common sense and don’t stick things in body cavities that do not belong there. Talk to your doctor and take care of your body before making decisions about what to put up your rectum. Not all doctors would suggest this, but we live in strange times, and the people are getting even stranger.

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