Doctors Tell Teen He Has The Flu, Weeks Later They Realize Their Deadly Mistake

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After a 16-year-old suddenly was overcome with shortness of breath and exhaustion, his doctors explained that his symptoms were “probably signs of the flu.” However, after his right lung collapsed weeks later, they realized their deadly mistake.

Doctors Tell Teen He Has The Flu, Weeks Later They Realize Their Deadly Mistake
Hunter Brady (left), in the hospital (right) (Photo Credit: Hunter Brady/Facebook, YouCaring)

In November, Hunter Brady, 16, became very ill and wasn’t feeling quite like himself. After suffering from shortness of breath and extreme exhaustion, Hunter was taken to his pediatrician to get checked out, and he was told that his symptoms were “probably signs of the flu.”

Hunter then went home, optimistic his symptoms would subside soon. However, that was not the case. After several weeks past, Hunter was still very sick. “I just kept sweating a lot, like night sweats,” Hunter recalled, according to Pix 11. “As it carried on, I felt worse.”

Eventually, his parents said enough was enough and took him to the emergency room for a second opinion. Unfortunately, by the time they had arrived at the hospital, “his right lung had collapsed and his left lung was 30 percent collapsed,” according to the Palm Beach Post. Doctors then began to perform several tests and discovered the horrifying news. Young Hunter Brady had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, cancer that develops in the white blood cells.

Since then, the 16-year-old has undergone a blood transfusion, a bone marrow biopsy, and several operations to remove the fluid building up around his lungs and heart. Rounds of chemotherapy have also caused him to lose his hair, but Hunter refuses to let these obstacles cause negative thoughts.

“I’m gonna beat it,” Hunter declared. “I ain’t giving up.” He realizes that if he wants to fight the deadly disease, he needs to stay as positive as possible.

His friends and family have been extremely supportive throughout the entire ordeal. In fact, dozens of them have since shaved their own heads in solidarity. However, not everyone has provided support to him. Sadly, some cold-hearted bullies attacked him on social media, with one disgusting person who went out of his way to rudely state, “You deserve cancer.”

Thankfully, Hunter didn’t let the comment get him down. “I told him I really didn’t care what he said… I really don’t,” Hunter explained. “He doesn’t know how it feels.”

Hunter Brady’s faith is what is getting him through the trials of this difficult time. He credits God with giving him the strength to fight the deadly disease, and he even plans to be a pastor once he gets better.

Hunter Brady currently has several more rounds of chemotherapy left, and once that is complete, he will then undergo radiation treatment. To help alleviate the burden of medical costs, his family has since started a YouCaring fundraising page. They have already raised $2925 of their $5,000 goal.

There’s no doubt that his pediatrician feels bad for not running more tests on his initial visit. However, you can only imagine how often kids come into his or her office complaining of the same symptoms that all are a result of the flu. Although it’s unfortunate that this happened, his pediatrician can’t be completely blamed for the discomfort and pain Hunter suffered for weeks. Instead, this can serve as a warning for the rest of us to monitor the course of any illness, and if things aren’t getting better, it’s time for a second opinion.

Thankfully, Hunter is optimistic. He’s not letting his diagnosis keep him down, and he’s not focusing on what could have been, but rather, what he can do now. He’s a fighter who isn’t going to let cancer stop him from his dreams. Once he conquers cancer, there’s no doubt in my mind that he will go on to achieve his dream of being a great pastor one day.