Dog’s Odd Behavior Wakes Man, Next Thing He Knows, Something’s In His Teeth

Dog's Odd Behavior Wakes Man, Next Thing He Knows, Something's In His Teeth
Walter Lewis with his 9-month-old (left), The Family’s Dog, Rock (right)

A sudden need for a drink woke an Indiana father, but it was his dog’s odd behavior when he went to get some water that caught him by surprise. Moments later, the dad had something in his teeth when his night took an unexpected turn.

Walter Lewis from Ft. Wayne, Indiana struggles with rheumatoid arthritis, and a new medication he was taking to treat it caused him to have a dry mouth in the middle of the night. Little did he know, that unpleasant side effect would soon save his life, along with the help of his beloved 5-month-old bulldog, Rock.

According to WANE, Lewis woke to get a drink from downstairs when Rock bolted up the stairs, which he had never done before. That’s when he knew something was wrong and then saw exactly what it was. There was fire coming from the first floor, which was quickly spreading throughout the house, where his wife and four children were sleeping. The ordeal for this father was just beginning, and he didn’t expect what was coming next.

Lewis began shouting for his wife to get the kids up and retreated to the top of the stairs. He cut the plastic off one of the windows to climb outside onto the roof over the porch. With the whole family outside, Lewis’s crippling fear of heights set in with a vengeance, but he knew that his family’s lives depended on him. That’s when he decided to jump to get his kids to safety.

“Me being scared of heights and having my issues with my body, I just said forget it and thought about my family. So, I jumped off of the roof. It knocked the wind out of me, but I had to get the ladder,” the heroic father explained to the news outlet. “I went and got my ladder, put it back, and climbed up there.” Next, he grabbed his 9-month-old’s sleeper with his teeth and carried him down the ladder with his other child wrapped about his arm, but there was still more to do.

Dog's Odd Behavior Wakes Man, Next Thing He Knows, Something's In His Teeth
The Lewis’s Home On Fire

With a couple more trips up and down the ladder to retrieve his other children and his wife, Lewis got everyone to the ground as he waited for help to arrive, despite his physical limitations and fears. Once they were all safe, the father ran back into the house to get the dog, but it was too late. Rock, who had alerted them of the fire, was lost in the dark smoke and didn’t make it out alive.

Fire trucks soon arrived and extinguished the flames, which took 20 minutes. Although much of the Lewis’s house is badly damaged, the family is all safe, thanks to a father who put them first and did what he had to do. But he refuses to be called a hero for it.

“That’s a big word to use for me when I’m not a hero. I’m just an ordinary person that would help anybody, but this happened to be the time when I helped my own family,” the brave dad said. “I live to protect my family, and that’s what matters. Just like Rock, he lived to protect us.”

This dad overcame the odds of his physical disabilities and fears, with superhuman strength he was blessed with in that moment. He thanks God for bringing them out of this alive, which proves that His plan always prevails. These children are lucky to have such an incredible man for a father, who will even bring them down from the roof by his teeth, if he has to.

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