Dolly Parton Shocks Fraudsters With Nasty Surprise After They Target Her In Sick Scheme

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Dolly Parton is reeling after learning that she was the target of a sick scheme by fraudsters who she caught red-handed. The country singer is best known as one of the most giving entertainers in the business, but that didn’t stop these disgusting individuals from taking advantage of her big heart. However, Dolly is a fighter, and you’ll love how she shocked those fraudsters with a nasty surprise they never saw coming.

Dolly Parton (left), Chad Chambers and Debra Catlett (right) (Photo Credit: gotpap/Star Max/GC Images, Gatlinburg Police Department/WBIR)

Everyone in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains knows Dolly Parton and considers her one of their biggest treasures. Dolly grew up poor in the Smoky Mountains, so when she got rich and famous, she decided to give back to the area. She brought jobs with Dollywood and has various funds set up to give to schools. Recently, when the Smoky Mountains were devastated by fires and people lost everything, she started the “My People Fund,” through her Dollywood Foundation.

Her right-hand man, David Dotson, started to notice something amiss with some of the checks they were giving out to folks who claimed to have lost their homes in the fire. Dotson alerted Dolly, who didn’t want to think the worst. Initially, they thought maybe it was accounting errors, but then, they noticed a pattern.

“During the course of the My People Fund distribution, there were a very small number of suspected cases where we felt like things weren’t adding up,” said David Dotson, according to WBIR. He found people using addresses multiple times to get sent a check, and those addresses weren’t where these individuals lived. Finally, Dolly and Dotson decided to turn it over to the Gatlinburg Police Department.

Now, several people face charges in Sevier County for an alleged scheme to get money from the Dollywood Foundation that was meant for victims of the fire disaster. Among those charged with money laundering and criminal conspiracy are Chad Chambers, Debra Kay Catlett, and Rocco Boscaglia.

“The foundation’s My People Fund has distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to fire victims to help them recover. The group has a two-step verification process to prevent fraud,” Dotson said with WBIR further explaining that they would first verify property was destroyed, then work to link it to the claimant. “If there wasn’t sufficient written documentation, we often called landlords, and calling landlords on a couple occasions, we realized the landlord didn’t know who the people were,” Dotson added.

Chambers, for example, got a $1,000 check in December from the My People Fund, the indictment states. He also got two $1,000 checks in February, according to the indictment. Catlett, in turn, got the two February checks made out to Chambers, according to records. Boscaglia got a $1,000 check in December, according to the indictment.

These people went through a lengthy process to steal money from Dolly’s fund. They actually submitted other false information to buttress their claims for money, documents state. It makes you sick just thinking about these fraudsters, especially when you see who the country singer was helping, as this video shows:

It seems that, whenever there is human suffering, there are horrible people who will take advantage. Luckily, Dolly Parton isn’t deterred in helping people even though she has to face this kind of crap from criminals, who are not stealing from her, but rather stealing from the really needy. This is exactly what authorities are warning about now in the hurricane areas. The fraudsters see a natural disaster as an opportunity to steal some cash.

“It’s just part of the human condition,” said Dotson. “Whenever anything good is happening, there’s always a few bad apples. It’s part of life, part of reality.” Those bad apples saw the My People Fund as an easy target and Dolly Parton as someone who could be swindled, thinking they’d get away with it. Thankfully, her right-hand man was there to call her attention to a bunch of losers who we hope rot in jail.

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