Domestic Terrorist Just Arrested In Texas, One Reason Mainstream Media Isn’t Reporting It

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Domestic Terrorist Just Arrested In Texas, One Reason Mainstream Media Isn’t Reporting
Scenes from Andrew Schneck’s arrest (Photo Credit: Twitter)

A breaking report indicates that a domestic terrorist was just arrested in Texas after his horrific plans were discovered. However, there’s just one reason you won’t be hearing this from the mainstream media – and it’s one that all Americans need to hear.

As we all know, the left is rather emboldened these days when it comes to expressing their emotions through violence. Of course, that comes after 8 years of our previous leader telling people they can do what they want without consequence and liberal propaganda networks making every excuse in the book for the left’s behavior.

However, it seems that the warnings from the right are now coming to fruition. A domestic terrorist was arrested last night. He has since been identified as 25-year-old Andrew Schneck, and his shocking actions may be a direct result of the left’s reckless negligence.

According to The Gateway Pundit, “a suspect is now in custody after attempting to bomb a Confederate statue in Houston’s Hermann Park.” Perhaps even more frightening is the fact that the punk was previously arrested back in 2014 for storing explosives and actually had the materials to pull off his sick plans.

The man was arrested about 11 p.m. Saturday in the park, a source said, following a day of protests that drew hundreds of people to Sam Houston Park protesting a Spirit of the Confederacy statue. The Saturday event also drew counter-protesters. [Source:]

When confronted by local law enforcement personnel, Schneck attempted to drink the liquid explosives but was unable to do so before police could apprehend him. Sadly, we’ve come to a point where the left has become so erratic and dangerous that they’re willing to put the lives of others in jeopardy to get their misguided point across.

Forget peaceful protests. Forget calculated political strategy. The only thing these people know is violence and how to infringe on the rights of others. Of course, you won’t be hearing this from the mainstream media as it obliterates the narrative that they’re “peaceful,” and that makes them almost worse.

They certainly won’t refer to Schneck as a domestic terrorist, which he is. When you chose to blow up a bomb with ill-intent here on American soil, you most certainly are a terrorist. Instead, the liberal media want to label these people “activists.” Sadly, the left will probably tout this guy as a hero who’s dedicated to a cause and willing to go to any lengths necessary. Unfortunately for Schneck, he went too far, and luckily for us, he’s now under arrest.

If Schneck thinks the 5 years of probation that he got for the previous charge was bad, one can only wonder what a judge is going to do now that the thug decided to gather up supplies again. He was merely found to be in possession of the materials the time before. This instance, though, he had made a bomb and was planning to detonate it in public where it could have very likely hurt or killed several people.

The left can pretend that they’re morally superior, but they have to realize that the violence is coming from all sides here – just like President Donald Trump said. It would probably kill them to admit their adversary was correct, but you have to admit, Trump was right on the money when he spoke out about the recent tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia. None of these hate-filled idiots are without blame, and maybe if we had come together and condemned them from all sides like Trump said, things wouldn’t be nearly as bad as they are today.