Bad News For Don Lemon After Cameras Caught What He Let Slip About FOX News On Live TV

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CNN isn’t having a good time lately as they’re constantly having to defend their lies and their ratings are in the toilet. Too bad for them, Don Lemon just got some seriously bad news after cameras caught what he let slip about Fox News — and it was on live television, so there was no editing it out later.

Bad News For Don Lemon After Cameras Caught What He Let Slip About FOX News On Live TV
Sean Hannity (left), Don Lemon (right) (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Screenshot/YouTube)

There’s a very good reason that CNN is known for being the king of fake news. Every day, it seems like there’s something new they’re having to defend or retract because it’s a flat-out lie. Of course, they really hate being called fake news, but in the end, it’s ultimately their own doing.

Sadly, today is no different as they’ve once again found themselves to be the laughingstock of America. As it turns out, Don Lemon got some pretty bad news after cameras caught what he let slip about Fox News after CNN has been running non-stop coverage about Hope Hicks.

Hicks, the former White House Communications Director, has said that she may have told a “white lie” or two for President Donald Trump, causing the left to become unhinged. Of course, this could include something as simple as her saying that Trump wasn’t in his office when he was, but the left doesn’t care.

All they want the American people to know is that “she lied” and it came out in her testimony before Congress regarding the investigation into so-called Russian collusion. However, things would go horribly wrong as Lemon decided to criticize the folks over at Fox News.

At the conclusion of a panel discussion on the resignation of White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, CNN host Don Lemon said “Trump supporters” who are watching “state-run” ‘Trump TV,’ referring to FOX News, don’t even know about her departure because the channel is not covering it nor the “White House imploding behind him.”

“I was sitting in my office and was watching all the news channels, right — Trump TV or state-run TV, they’re not even reporting this,” Lemon said Wednesday night. “So, Trump supporters, they don’t even know about these stories, it doesn’t even register, that’s the amazing thing. We cover all of these things every day. The White House imploding behind him, and he’s standing there going, ‘nothing to see here.’” [Source: Real Clear Politics]

Like so many other falsehoods to come out of CNN, it seems that Lemon didn’t fact check his assumption before blurting them out on live television. Come to find out, Fox News had already run several reports on several different programs about Hope Hicks and what was happening to her.

Just like that, Lemon got ripped apart on social media for sharing more fake news yet again. In fact, even those responsible for putting out the Fox News reports in questions started to chime in before long.

Of course, people who propagated Lemon’s lies — like Real Clear Politics — have since issued a correction, saying that the CNN host was wrong, but it was way too late. At this point, the damage was already done as many of the millions who read the initial reports likely won’t ever see the retraction.

Sadly, all this proves is that morons like Don Lemon are more concerned with ratings than the truth and what’s best for the American people. Crap like this is really hurting this country, and those responsible need to be held accountable. Lemon slandered the name of Fox News in an attempt to make them look bad and needs to answer for that.

My guess is a multimillion lawsuit against him and his employers would ensure that he checks his facts before spouting off next time. At this point, it looks like that would be needed because tomorrow he’ll just do the same and walk away without consequence again. Enough is enough — these idiots need to feel the repercussions of their own words.