Donald Trump Makes Bold Move, Gives Big Middle Finger To UN

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Donald Trump (left), UN Peacekeepers (inset, right)

One of President Donald Trump’s goals is something that no other president in modern history would have even attempted. He wants to take a huge bite out of the globalist agenda, and he knows right where he can hit them the hardest — in their wallets. He’s giving the UN a big middle finger, and you’re going to love it.

Donald Trump’s plan is already hated by communists and leftists across the globe. Just his thoughts on the matter, even though he has yet to put his plan into action, are enough to seriously piss off those who are a threat to the liberty of the individual. What he’s done is so bold and such a huge deal, many are scrambling and trying to figure out how they can take over the world without the massive amounts of American taxpayers’ money.

UN meeting in which Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon of South Korea speaks.

Donald Trump, along with his administration, has told the State Department to cut 50% of the funding the United States sends to the United Nations. The massive cut to the UN will have a huge effect on their ability to function.

The US spends roughly $10 billion annually on the UN, which is up over $2 billion in less than two years. The cuts won’t have an impact on peacekeeping like the left likes to claim because the UN doesn’t do anything to stop wars; they just like to place blame on countries like the US. while taking our money. The UN Development Program and UNICEF, which are funded by State’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs, may see some changes, but it won’t have the massive effect liberals would like to allege.

The drastic reductions come as the White House is scheduled to release its 2018 topline budget proposal Thursday. This budget is also expected to include a 37 percent cut to the State Department and US Agency for International Development budgets. Not one single American taxpayer can argue with these cuts. Most taxpayers loathe the UN, and cutting major amounts of money would open up funds for more infrastructure in our own country.

The UN is shaking in its boots. The cuts would be a huge step to America regaining its sovereignty, and those in charge of the globalist agenda aren’t liking it one little bit. Some are even using the word “chaos” to describe Trump’s plan, even though it would be anything but.

Cutting UN funding is one step, but maximum freedom would start with Trump completely taking us out of the UN permanently. It’s hard to say whether he would do this in the future, but it’s nice to see he’s taking a step to improve the lives of Americans by no longer wasting our money on the worthless globalist agenda, so seeing the beginning steps of our hopeful extraction is a good thing. It’s obvious that humans, by and large, want their freedom. This is one step toward achieving a more free America.